This guide will be perfect for you if you want to know how to make money online in Nigeria as a student or as an adult. We know that it is difficult to find good job in Nigeria, and there is so many people who have potential and want to earn good money and live decent life. This is why we think, making money online is one of the best business opportunities for ambitious and clever people in Nigeria. Making money online usually does not need much investment and all you need to do it is Internet, computer and some hard work. 

In this article we do not present scams and financial pyramids because we don’t want to mislead you. We show only real and proven ways to earn money online. These methods require some time and work. Remember that wealth does not come overnight and it takes some time to start earning money frrom your online business . But it is really worth waiting.

Top 10 ways how to make money online in Nigeria:




Online freelancers are people who offer their services and skills over the internet for money. It’s the perfect idea for making big money online from Nigeria. All you need is some advanced skills that may be useful to someone in the world. Think about what you can offer to others? If you have any talents, knowledge or experience, set up profiles on freelancers’ websites and advertise your services on the Internet.

There are many places with jobs offers for freelancers on the internet. You can also place offers for your services there. The best ones, to sell your freelance services and search for freelance jobs are:,,, A very good places to advertise your freelance services are also Facebook (and Facebook groups), Instagram and Twitter.

The best ways how freelancers can make money online in Nigeria are:

Freelance writing

Many freelance writers earn about $150 – $300 per article. Advanced ones earn even $500, $1000 or more per article depending on skills and who they write for. There are also other types of writing for money like ghost writing, copywriting, editorial writing.

Freelance programming

It has long been known that programmers and IT specialists are one of the most lucrative professions nowadays. Most of their work and orders can be done online. Developers can sell services such as web development,  script writing, mobile app making, code editing and many many more. Good programmers and IT freelancers earn up to over $ 1000 per hour. 

Graphic design

If you can draw or paint, you should think about graphic designing online. There are many orders for graphic designers on the internet. Logo design is one of the simplest and most cost-effective orders for graphic designers. An experienced graphic designer can create a good logo in 20 minutes and can sell it for up to several dozen – several hundred dollars.
Graphic designers usually earn $ 75- $ 150 an hour. The budding graphic designers rate is $ 25-50. In contrast, experienced and advanced graphic designers earn up to $ 300 – $ 500 and more per hour.

Animation freelance

If you can create animations, you’ll be able to earn a lot of money online. You can earn from several hundred dollars, even up to several thousand dollars for one animated film lasting several minutes. There are many jobs on the internet, so animations makers won’t complain about the lack of work.

Film editing freelance

Editing movies is a fairly simple skill that you can learn in a few weeks (of course, you need much more experience to be an advanced editor). As a movie editor you will find many job offers on the internet. Most of them are very well paid.

There are also lots of other freelance jobs that you can do online in Nigeria and make real big money on it. The most important of them are:

  • Tutoring 
  • Legal advice services 
  • Internet security service
  • SEO specialist 
  • Voice actor freelance
  • Social media coordinator
  • Transcribing
  • Photo editing
  • Consultant services

 If you want to start earning online freelancing these videos might be useful:


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Blogging is one of the best ways to start making big money online without having a lot of capital.

The great advantage of Nigerians is that they speak English. If you create a blog in English, you will have a huge amount of potential recipients around the world. Around 2 billion people in the world speak English (source). This means that by creating a blog in Lagos or Abuja, you can have millions of readers in the US, UK, Australia or the Philippines.

Not every blog is successful and most of the created blogs do not earn even $ 1. This is due to the fact that most bloggers give up too early, choose wrong topics to write about, or fail to meet other necessary requirements to succeed with the blog.
If you decide you want to create a blog and make a living of it, be sure to follow the rules below. They will make your life much easier and allow you to achieve success faster. Here they are:


 A) You must find good niche for your website (VERY IMPORTANT STEP!)

This is one of the most important factors for the success of your site. The point is that if you write about popular topic about which there are already many articles on the internet – no one will even notice your articles because they will be far behind the articles of the largest known websites.

Competing in areas with a lot of competition will be unprofitable and you will have little chance of success. That is why we sincerely advise – look for a niche where there are not many articles and many websites already created by your competition. By “niche” we mean for example, solar panels, 3D printing, Python programming, foreign language learning for children, recipes for people with allergies, vacation ideas for less than $ 1000, and other narrow niches about which nobody has created a website yet.

B) Learn about SEO 

SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website to get organic and un-paid traffic from the search engine results page. If your page is well SEO-optimized it will be in the top of the Google results. If it will be not SEO-optimized your articles even if very good quality – will be far in the results of Google search results and nobody will see them.
The most important element of SEO is the large number of backlinks (backlinks are links from other websites to your website). In order for your articles to compete with other websites, you will need a lot of good backlinks.

C) Create a lot of high quality content and try different topics in your niche

Usually, a blog needs at least 50 good-quality articles to start earning its first money. In order to achieve success, you should write about topics that people most often search for in Google, but there are no answer articles about them.



On average, from 1000 pageviews a day, you earn $ 2- $ 20 a day. Most bloggers combine earning with Google AdSense, Amazon Associates as well as affiliate marketing and selling their own products (such as ebooks or things related to the subject of their site). If you do everything right and choose the right niche, you should earn at least $600-$2000 up to $4000-$8000 a month after 1 year of working hard and smart with your blog.

There is no limit on the blogger’s earnings. Many experienced bloggers earn millions of dollars a year. After they create one successful page, they create the next page. After some time, they have several large money-making websites. 
If you are wondering how to make money online in Nigeria to earn as much as possible, we highly recommend blogging. This is definitely one of the best possible ways.
Your creativity, cuteness and diligence will be the only limit for your earnings here.

If you want to start blogging check out these links and YouTube videos:

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Dropshipping is an amazing way of selling things that you do not own yet. Literally it means that you sell objects from retailer (with retailer’s price equal $5 /piece) and you offer that item online for $10 / piece.
You do not buy the items unless your client buys the item for 10$ from you. Then you order the item from the retailer and you ask the retailer to send the item to the address of the person who bought it from you. Thanks to this you get $ 5 on every product sold and you do not have to send any goods because the retailer does it for you. Many people make literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a month without sending a single package.



To start dropshipping you will need a website where you can create your own online store.
Most sellers use Shopify to create their online store. The most popular source of products sold by dropshipping are items from Aliexpress (on the picture above). Many poeple dropship also from Alibaba, SalehooAmazon and Ebay.

The most important and the most difficult thing in dropshipping is to effectively attract as many people to your store. To do this, you should record videos advertising your products and place them on YouTube with links to your store. Many people also use sponsored posts on Facebook to reach as many recipients as possible with the offers of products that you sell.

It is very important that you choose the right products for sale for dropshipping. These products must be affordable, eye-catching and interesting. Products ordered by dropshipping are usually delivered to the customer in about 2 weeks, that’s why they have to stand out and let your client want to wait for them for so long.

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Ever since dropshipping became so popular in 2017, a lot of people have made a lot of money on it. Your earnings will depend primarily on how visible your online store will be and how many people your product offers will reach. Experienced dropshipping sellers spend up to several thousand dollars each month to promote their products on Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram and in other places.

It’s hard to say what is the average monthly income of sellers using dropshipping. However, according to what we have determined, many sellers who pay a lot of attention and time to dropshipping earn $10,000 – $15,000 per month.

There is also a group of sellers using dropshipping, who earn only $2,000- $6,000 per month, but from what we have seen, these people sell products with very low margins (around 5-10%), or do not invest in advertising their products. To make money on dropshipping it is best to sell items that customers will want to buy with a large margin (e.g. you buy these items on Aliexpress for $ 20 and sell for $ 35).


As you can see, dropshipping has become popular quite recently and is only 2 – 3 years old. This is certainly also a big opportunity for people who want to know how to make money online in Nigeria. Both in terms of international dropshipping and dropshipping directed only to Nigerians this is one of the best ways to earn big money.


If you want to know more about dropshipping check out these links:

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For centuries, sales have been the best source of people’s enrichment. Today, it’s even easier to sell things on the internet and get rich on it. Because in Nigeria there is neither nor – the two largest international online stores in the world – there is still a lot of space for new online stores. There are many ways to start an online store in Nigeria. The best is to set up your own website for your store (for example, using Shopify). You can also effectively sell products by creating a page on Facebook, or a group on Facebook where you will be offering your products. There’s a whole lot of different options to start selling things online.



At the beginning you have to choose niche for your online store and the group of customers you want to target your products to. It’s better to sell items from one niche, but you can also try to sell items from many different niches at once.

You should find out what products you can get at the best price. Maybe some valuable things are produced in your area and you can sell them more expensive online?

One of the best ways for your online store to be successful is if you find a product that many people want to buy but is not widely available / or people don’t know about this product and can show them in advertising.



To maximize your earnings from the online store, it’s good to promote it with paid ads on Facebook and Google. This will attract a lot of traffic to your website. Thanks to this, many people will see your products and many will buy them. In order to attract as many customers as possible, you should also use marketing strategies such as email marketing.

Earnings of online stores are VERY various. Some online stores that are poorly run earn nothing. However, many online stores earn many thousands of dollars a day, and some earn millions of dollars a year. There are no restrictions here, it all depends on your creativity and workload.


If you want to start online store this links might be useful for you:

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Vlogging is one of the best known ways to earn money online. The richest vloggers in the world earn almost $ 2 million a month. Each of us can start vlogging, but if we want to succeed, we should have a plan and a vision of our channel and what we want to show on it.

Vlogging is the best idea if you are a smash hit and you feel well in front of the camera. Many Nigerians have a nice flow and cool style so certainly many of you have great potential to succeed. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to appear in your movies, so even as an introvert you can achieve huge success on YouTube. However, you will have to make up for good quality interesting films.



To start vlogging, all you need is a reasonably good quality video recording device. One of the most important things to make your movies attractive is good movie editing. You will need a good film editing program for this. Fortunately, there are many good quality free movie editing programs on the Internet. The best free video editing programs are Shotcut, DaVinci Resolve and Hitfilm Express.

To succeed on YouTube, you need to reach as many viewers as possible. You can do it in two ways. Or you can give your channel a really interesting, original and unique character which will give you quick publicity. You can also create a lot of movies so that there is a lot of your content on the Internet, thanks to which more people will find your movies easily. The best way is to mix these two strategies.

It’s also good to choose a niche where there is not much competition, so that your channel stands out with something new and so it will be able to easily reach many viewers.


The average vlogger earnings varies, usually between $3 to $5 per 1000 video views. The best earning vlogger in the world Ryan ToysReview earned $22 millions in 2018.

Earnings on YouTube depend on the number of views. But there are two more important factors that determine whether you earn a lot or a little. These two factors are your niche and your audience.

The point is that YouTube pays much more to filmmakers on topics such as insurances, degrees, reviews of expensive electronic devices (such as phones and laptops) or reviews of other products that the viewer may want to buy. The worst paid niches are pranks and jokes.

Earnings on YouTube are also dependent on the audience. It is primarily about the countries where the viewers come from, and whether they are rich or poor. You will earn the most by directing your vlogs to viewers from rich developed countries such as USA, UK, France, Japan or Switzerland.

The best ways to earn money on YouTube are YouTube Partner Program, affiliate marketing, as well as selling and promoting your own products.


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Coaching has become very popular in recent years. People want to learn new skills and develop themselves by learning from more experienced and more talented people. Many people choose online coaching because it is easily available, you do not have to move and it is easier to adjust it over time.

As an online coach, you can teach your students by talking to them on video calls (Face Time / Skype), as well as chatting with them, writing emails, and sending video and voice messages.

As an online coach you can teach your students:

  • performance coaching
  • skills coaching
  • earning coaching
  • personal or life coaching
  • business coaching
  • career coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • parenting coaching
  • leader coaching
  • presentation / communication coaching

As you can see there are a lot of types of coaching. There are even more options than the ones we wrote above. You can conduct online coaching with 1 student or in groups.

If you are interested in online coaching these links might be useful:

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We’ve put Facebook Marketplace in the 7th position but actually it is one of the best and cheapest ways to make money online. Many people make a lot of money on the Facebook marketplace. Sales there are similar to those on Amazon and Ebay, but are usually more local and personal pickup is more common. By selling items on the Facebook Marketplace you can expect your first earnings from the very beggining.

The big advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that there are no fees here and you can sell as many products as you like for free.

By selling on Facebook Marketplace you will find customers mainly in Nigeria and especially in your area. This is due to the fact that you must somehow deliver the goods to customers who will want to buy it. This can be done by: picking up the purchased goods at an agreed place, sending the goods in a package, coming by customers to your home / your location to collect the goods they buy.

To earn effectively through Facebook Marketplace, you must have some products that you can offer to people over the internet. There are a lot of different things that are suitable for this.
The best things to sell on Facebook Marketplace are popular goods, small items, items that are not profitable to send by post, things for kids, and many other things. Generally, until you try, you will not know what sells best in your area. Just throw in a variety of items that you have and do not need and watch what people buy the most.

Selling on Facebook, it is also worth selling in Facebook sales groups. It may also be good to set up your own group to sell specific products. When you know that there is a demand for some goods in your area, it is worth ordering, for example, on Aliexpress, and then selling it in your area.

If you are interested in earning money on Facebook Marketplace you might be interested in this links:

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Selling photos taken by you online is another great source of real earnings on the internet. You will need a good quality camera for this, because the sold photos must be of really good quality. Selling photos you have taken is not difficult. Just register on the pages devoted to selling photos. The most popular of them are,,

The key to making money by selling photos online is to have a lot of pictures that show various things and images that other people may need. How much you will earn selling photos depends on three factors. Here they are:

  • the number of photos you put on sale (the more, the more you earn)
  • presenting interesting and unusual topics and images
  • high quality of photos

If you meet these conditions and put up for sale hundreds or thousands of photos online, you can easily count on making thousands of dollars a month. You can sell your photos in many places at the same time, which will maximize your profits.

Taking and selling photos is undoubtedly a great opportunity for people looking for answers to the question of how to make money online in Nigeria. There is a lot of beautiful, amazing and unique objects to photograph in Nigeria. People around the world will pay a lot for such unique photos.

If you are interested in selling photos online these videos might be useful:

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People earn huge money on mobile applications for Android and IOS. However, you don’t have to be an outstanding programmer to create a high-paying application. Your creativity is more important here than programming skills.

If you have an idea for an application that will earn huge money, you can even hire a programmer who will create it for you for money.

The first step to create your own mobile applications is to download Xcode (if you want to create applications on IOS), or Android Studio (if you want to create applications for Android).

There are 3 main ways of earning with mobile apps:

  1. Share your app for free, but install ads inside it.  You will earn around 5 $ per month for 1000 of downloads. If your app goes viral you will earn thousands of dollars from adds. For these of your users who don’t want to see ads, offer paid verision of that app without ads. Money from ads + money from purchases should give you decent money. 
  2. Sell the application for a specified price – everyone who will buy your app will pay you first. Web stores like App Store usually take some % of your earnings. Remember that it’s much more difficult for paid app to become viral than for free one.
  3. Give your app for free but offer users to buy extra extensions of the app for $. You can offer premium functions, special look of your app, skins and premium points (if it’s game), and many more.

If you are interested in creating mobile apps these links might be useful:

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How to Make an App for Beginners (2019) – Lesson 1 by CodeWithChris




More and more employers are choosing to employ remote employees. Thanks to the internet, you can easily do many jobs remotely, from home, or sitting on the beach in a hammock.

One of the most popular remote jobs is internet researching. Many companies need employees who will research the necessary information and data for them. An online researcher’s job is remote work, so you can do it from home and there are many such job offers on the market.

To work as a researcher, you need the ability to think analytically, an objective approach to information and reliability.

Looking for a job on Facebook jobs is an interesting way to find a remote job. Facebook jobs is a whole new Facebook feature that allows you to browse thousands of job offers in places of your choice in the world. Most of these offers are regular job offers, but there are also some remote jobs.

Finding a remote job may take some time, but it’s worth looking for and applying for various jobs. People working remotely call themselves “Digital nomads”. If you enter this phrase in Google you will find more information on this topic. You can also find many remote job offers on, and

If you want to find more easy ideas for online business check this article 15 Easy Online Business Ideas




Although when looking for a job online you may come across a lot of scams, there are a lot of remote and online job offers. When looking for a job online, look for it on the verified sites and be careful. If you want to find remote job these links might be especially useful: – thousands of different remote work offers

Best Websites To Find Remote Work / Jobs! by Matt Pukas

Facebook Jobs 


As you can see there are really many opportunities to live in Nigeria and earn huge money online. We’ve only presented the best available options, but the truth is there are even more ways to earn money online, but it’s impossible to list them all.

In this article, anyone can find an idea on how to make money online in Nigeria. Everyone is different and prefers to work in a different way, but certainly if you want – you will choose something for yourself from the ideas presented above. And if you start implementing any of the ideas outlined above – and you really want to succeed – we’re sure you’ll succeed.

If you know someone who is looking for an idea how to start earning real money online you can recommend this article. By working online a whole bunch of people can change their lives for the better and be happy.

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