Below we have compiled a breakdown of the best products to sell in the UK together with the best product categories to sell to British consumers. The demand for the following products is high and they are particularly popular in the UK.

The following summary is based on our analysis of the best-selling products on Amazon, eBay, Asos, Currys PC World, Gumtree, Argos and Etsy as well as Google trends data, and an analysis of the British market in 2024.



The following product categories are of most interest to British buyers. To maximize profits be sure you are selling newer and better versions of products that are already widely available. This will allow you to outperform the competition.

Also flipping old and used products


1. New gadgets
The British people love new technologies and new quality products. Examples of such products include air purifiers, newest phone and laptop accessories (eg. phone straps, newest mouse pads and wireless headphones and chargers), UV light sanitizer boxes and VR headsets.

2. Organic food & healthy fast food
Many studies confirm that British consumers are most willing to choose organic and healthy products. Examples of such products are: organic baby food, fruits, vegetables and organic protein powder. If there is no organic version of a particular popular product on the market yet, it is very profitable to start selling it.

3. Locally produced/sourced products
Many Britons appreciate the quality of genuine products and prefer them to unoriginal replacements. Examples of such products include regional products, such as original Italian olives, French cheeses or Swiss watches.

4. New trending apparel & accessories
Clothing is one of the biggest categories of products that pays to sell in the UK. In addition to clothing, it is also profitable to sell popular accessories such as sunglasses and hats (Amazon).

5. Organic tea & coffee
For example detox tea, organic herbal tea, organic matcha, organic ground coffee and accessories for coffee and tea making.

6. New healthcare items
Like kneecare products, wireless nurse alert, new advanced blood pressure monitors and other devices of this category in high quality.

7. Footwear
As demand for shoes is high, investing in popular shoes such as sneakers is considered low-risk and quite profitable. You can make a lot of money both by selling new shoes and by flipping rare, branded shoes (limited edition shoes are the most valuable).

8. Smart jewelry
Like smart rings, smart health monitoring bracelets or invisawear safety jewelry which can notify up to 5 people and police if anything dangerous happens (Amazon).

9. Subscription box service
This is a new type of service that is becoming more popular to sell in the United Kingdom. Examples of these subscription boxes include boxes of children’s toys, candies or collectible items.

10. Home appliances
Another category of profitable products to sell in the UK includes home appliances. Both new home appliances and second-hand home appliances are in high demand in the UK. Examples of the best-selling home appliances in 2024 in the UK are smart robot vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances such as air fryers, organisers for kitchen, bathroom and garage. The latest affordable smart home gadgets such as the Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes are also very popular.

11. Skincare products
There are constantly many new skincare products and accessories on the market. Their sale is very profitable, provided you choose the right product for which there is high demand and little competition.

12. Kitchen gadgets
Great selling products in the UK are various practical and useful accessories and gadgets for the kitchen. Examples of these include: pasta strainers for pots, vegetable choppers or oil sprayers (Amazon).

13. Advanced robots with practical applications
Newer and more advanced versions of the robots are available every year making it a great product to sell in the UK. The most popular of these robots are cleaning robots, cooking robots and programmable robots for kids and teens (Amazon).

14. Pet accessories & food
Pet lovers like to buy new gadgets, accessories and quality food for their pets. The best sellers are new, advanced items with more features and better design such as: leashes, collars, and harnesses.

15. Plus size fashion & shapewear
Obesity is a fairly common problem in the UK. More than 1 in 4 British adults (28.0%) are currently living with obesity so plus size clothing, slimming clothing and weight loss products are a very profitable category of products to sell in the UK.

16. Antiques & vintage products
In the UK, a great many people are interested in buying antiques and vintage items. Selling such items is very profitable, for example you can buy them cheaply on eBay or at flea markets and sell them at a profit. Popular items of this type include old coins and banknotes, vinyl records, Vintage toys, old toys, tea and dining sets, old furniture, clocks, sculptures and paintings, old games and electronics, as well as old crockery, old clothes and any old collectables.

17. Sport & outdoor products
This is another popular product category among British buyers. Things like attractive water bottles (Amazon), sportswear and a massage guns are examples of products that are in high demand. Special sporting items such as skis or branded tennis racquets also sell well, and even used ones find many people willing to buy them.

18. Supplements & brain pills
Since health is an important issue for Brits a lot of people buy different kinds of dietary supplements. Brain pills that support brain function are also in high demand.

19. Reusable shopping bags
Since concern for the environment is no stranger to British people, reusable shopping bags are something that almost every person in the UK owns. Currently available bags of this type on the market are often outdated, archaic and lack an interesting design. High quality bags of this type would certainly be a great product to sell in the UK.

20. Reusable food storage bags & boxes
This is another very attractive category of products to sell in the UK. Examples of such trending products in the UK are resuable sandwich bags and resuable food silicone bags (Amazon).

21. Patio & garden
Like vertical plant stands, irrigation kits or garden lamps.

22. Vehicle accessories
Such as car cleaning kits, nylon recovery kits, in-car phone accessories or special organizers for cars (Amazon).

23. Senior gadgets
The UK is a country full of seniors who often need care and help. There are many products that are very useful for seniors, such as: rechargeable hearing aid, reacher tools, or special smart toilets for seniors (Amazon).

24. Stress relieve aids & accessories (including sleep aids)
Like weighted blankets which are thought to help with anxiety. The weight while you’re sleeping also helps to promote a better night’s sleep.

25. Maternity & toddler clothes and accessories
Many moms want to choose the best products for their children, so the new gadgets and equipment in this category are products that British moms are willing to pay for, as long as the products are better than previously available products of the type. Examples of such products include baby carriers, organic baby food, sterilizer dryers,  and baby bottles (Amazon).

26. Toys & games
This is a very broad and profitable product category to sell around the world, including in the UK. The best selling new trending products among kids are Disney interactive figures, Legos, new popular dolls or unique smart nano drones (Amazon).

27. Cannabis & hemp products and accessories
The trend for hemp and cannabis continues and new popular products in this category continue to emerge that are in high demand. Examples of such products are: cbd gummies and hemp clothes.

28. Camping & travel products
Like sleeping pads for tents, high quality tents and products for glamping (“glamorous camping”).

29. Organic cosmetics & make up accessories
This is a great category full of numerous opportunities to start a profitable business in in the UK. Most popular are new make up accessories, new organic cosmetics and cosmetics based on original and natural products from different countries of the world such as argan oil from Morocco, coconut oil from Phillipines or green tea from China.

30. Anti-aging products
Many people want to look younger and stop aging. Many products, creams and tools can help with this to some extent. Such products are in high demand in the UK.

31. Smart locks & smart home security products (also smart entry keypads)
A new popular category of products to sell in the UK are smart locks for homes and offices, and various smart home security systems. The demand for such advanced home and building security systems is growing and is in high demand in the UK. New technological solutions, for example, allow you to remotely monitor the view from cameras around your home, or allow you to secure the entrance to your home with a fingerprint or facial recognition.

32. Old & new books 
Selling books is a fairly easy and profitable way to make money in the UK. If you try a little, you will be able to find many books for free (often disposed of by libraries, landlords or schools). It is profitable to sell used books, school books and textbooks, as well as new books. Limited edition and vintage books in particular are the most profitable. Many of them you can buy cheaply on the internet and resell at a high profit.

33. Old & new furniture
A category of items on which you can really make a lot of money by selling them in the UK is furniture. Especially old furniture and premium quality furniture are very profitable to sell. Such furniture can often be bought very cheaply in charity shops or car boot sales and then resold at a higher price with a high profit. Refurbished furniture, as well as aged furniture (which is able to increase the value of such furniture many times over) are also very profitable for sale.

34. Gaming consoles, games & accessories (also new and used)
Since the invention of the first computers, the number of video game fans has increased exponentially every year. This is also the case in the UK. Products such as games consoles, portable consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, PlayStation Portable & Vita and the most popular games are in high demand. The oldest games consoles such as the first Atari models, Nintendo 64DD, Sega Genesis CDX, The PS1 10 Million Edition and Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP are also very popular and of great collector value. Consider that the value of old game consoles and old games increases over time. The most expensive game consoles such as The Nintendo PlayStation are worth over £300,000 today.

35. Educational products
Since both homeschooling and adult education are popular in the UK selling quality products in this category is one of the best business ideas.

36. Jewellery & watches
Jewellery and watches is another very profitable category of items to sell in the UK. Both new jewellery and watches (which you can, for example, buy wholesale from the manufacturer and sell on margin) and old, second-hand jewellery are profitable business ideas. It can also be very lucrative to create your own brand of jewellery which you can buy cheaply wholesale, rework slightly and sell under your brand name at a higher price.

37. Car parts & accessories
Selling car parts and accessories can be extremely profitable. Many valuable car parts can be sourced from old cars, which owners usually give away entirely for scrap because they don’t know how to use the value of the car parts. Various modern car accessories such as car organisers (such as those on Amazon) are also selling well in the UK.

38. Purses, wallets & backpacks 
Handbags are products that are constantly in high demand in the UK and selling them can be very profitable. An effective way to make money from handbahs is to buy limited editions of branded handbags and sell them at a high profit after a certain period of time when their price increases. It is also profitable to buy such handbags, backpacks and purses wholesale to then retail them cheaper.

39. Bikes & scooters
There are many opportunities to make money from selling bicycles and scooters. Both new and used bikes sell well. It is also an interesting business idea in the UK to buy broken bicycles, repair them at low cost and sell the repaired ones at a significant profit. It’s also profitable to sell in such ways scooters.

40. Beaty products
Beauty products is the product category in which new, on-trend products that people see online, on YouTube or TikTok and among their friends are often the most in demand. In recent months, natural and organic skin care products, hair texturising sprays, press on nails or lightweight tints and face ice rollers have been very popular.


Other best-selling products in the UK include:

  • computers & electronics
  • holiday decorations
  • furniture
  • wine
  • books
  • portable wearable devices
  • board games
  • smart home accessories
  • smart speakers
  • smart lamps
  • vintage electronics
  • yoga accessories
  • body massager guns
  • water filters
  • water bottles
  • led lights
  • bags and totes
  • electric toothbrushes
  • mugs
  • wall art
  • gardening furniture
  • gym machines (like treadmill)

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When selling products, for example from London, you will face a choice: selling on your own website under your own brand, or using online arkets such as Amazon and Ebay? In general, if you have the opportunity, you should use as many sales channels as possible – so you can reach more customers. Depending on your location, some products can also be very profitable in a physical shop.

Usually, small sellers start selling on other portals and, when they have gained some experience and capital, they set up their own e-stores.

To achieve success when selling products in the UK, remember to always offer the best user experience and the highest standards. It is especially important that your sales are characterized by:

  • Quick delivery.
  • Provide information on how long the product will arrive.
  • If only possible, provide traceability to increase confidence.
  • For some products, it is very profitable to offer free shipping (which is included in the product cost), which can attract a lot of extra customers.
  • Your business must be as visible as possible on Google, on Google Maps, and on various portals and social media.
  • Often, a great advertisement for your store can be short, unique promotions or smart advertising campaigns that will attract many new recipients of your products.

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Below we have compiled examples of some of the best-selling products in the UK in 2024. Like-for-like products, especially newer and better versions, or used models in good condition have a very good chance of generating large profits.

Air purifiers
like this one available on Amazon.

Handheld foam makers for lattes
like this one available on Amazon.

Press on nails
like these nails available on Amazon.

Face ice rollers
like this one available on Amazon.

Air fryers
like this one available on Amazon.

Ashwagandha & other supplements
like this one organic ashwagandha available on Amazon.

Office chairs
like this one available on Amazon.

Shapewear for women & men
like this one tummy shapewear available on Amazon.

Baby carriers
like this one available on Amazon.

And in your opinion, what are the best products to sell in the UK? What is the most in demand? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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