Do you want to earn in school 4000 $ per month while still studying ? In this article you will see that it is possible to learn and earn really good money at the same time. If you are that type of kid who feels bored in school and wants to take something more out of it, not only just boring school wisdom this might be good idea for you!  All that this idea is about is to start selling drinks and snacks in your school! Yes! It’s very simple. Trust me and read below. Instructions below will let you earn in school. Earn really good money. Everyday morning before going to school visit local supermarket. In first weeks buy there 20 cans of cola20 chewing gums and 10 packs of crisps to learn how to sell it and to gather your school clients. Find good place in school to offer it to other students during pauses. Say that you “don’t have a lot of products and you just want to get rid of your food so maybe anyone wants to buy it from you?” It is essential that your business must be ATTRACTIVE to other students. It may be attractive only in two ways: 1. your products are cheaper than products possible to buy in school. 2. you offer items that are impossible to buy them in school, which are nice and tasty and popular.

How to sell it? 

Buy cola cans for 0.5$ per one and sell them 2$ per one – if you buy 20 a day and sell all – you earn only with cola cans 30$ a day.  (If you buy cola cans in walmart it will cost you only 0.39$ per one! link to cola offer- ) If you are good seller, you can sell up to 50-100 cola cans per day or even more (earning up to 150$ daily)


Chewing gums will cost you around 1$ per one gum. Buy 20 of them and sell all for 2$ per one. 20 gums sold per day = 20$ daily


Crisps will costs aroung 3,50$. Sell them for 5$ per one. 10 sold pack of cripsps = 15$ income daily


at least 65$ per day up to 200$ !

now quick mathematics: 65$ – 200$ daily  x 5 days a week x 4 weeks= 1300$ – 4000$ monthly

If you will be really good in that you can earn even much more.

WARNING: In many schools it can be prohibited to sell your own foods. But don’t be afraid. There is one simple way to make all function properly and without any problems. Follow instrustions below.


Keep your all food and drink reserves in your school locker. If any teacher sees you while selling single one can to another student (or even 2, 3 cans at one moment) it’s hard to prove that you do anything prohibited. You just say, that you bought 3 cans of cola to yout friend in shop before and he just gave you your money back (and in fact it is truth because you bought it in the morning that day thinking about your friend and all other friends who will buy it later).


Hide your food and drinks inside school locker so bullies can’t take your reserves. Better keep that in secret that your warehouse is in school locker, so noone knows about it. Also keep away from swots. If they know about your business – teachers might know soon too.


“Are you selling food in school?” Say – NO! I just buy food in bulk for me and couple of my friends in mornings. If i go to walmart I always think abou my friends like Sam and John and Sophie. I just do it because if I go to buy things for me it is not a problem to buy a a bit for some of my friends. Just a friendly attitude! Don’t say how many friends buy from you. Try to act like you buy it just for 3 or 4 friends. And  it will be ok.



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Better check that out. These ideas are really useful and will be great for every school!


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