In this article, we present a list of best market day ideas and the best items, things and food for sale on market day, as well as best school market ideas. Market ideas collected below are interesting and will be good for both adults and children.

When selling items during the market day, remember that the key to attracting customers will be the attractive appearance of your stand, as well as being nice and kind to customers.




1. Handmade bracelets

2. Handmade necklaces

3. Handmade photo holders (eg. made of wire and painted stone)

4. Little flowers (like succulents) in handmade decorated pots

5. Handmade candles

6. Handmade soap

7. Handmade bathbombs

8. Simple handmade bags

9. Handmade fabric / decoupage covered journals

10. Decorated phone cases (buy phone cases, and decorate them in your own way)

11. DIY jars

12. DIY wooden boxes

13. DIY makeup bags

14. DIY picture frames with mosaic tiles

15. DIY wooden led lamps

16. Handmade pillow covers

17. Handmade soap

18. Carved wooden figurines

19. Hand-made clay dishes

20. Beautiful flowers made of paper




21. Chocolate cupcakes

22. Strawberry cupcakes

23. Coconut-vanilla cupcakes

24. Lemonade 

25. Ginger + mint lemonade

26. Coffee

27. Fresh juice

28. Grilled cheese

29. Sushi rolls

30. French fries with sauces

31. Popcorn

32. Hummus

33. Nachos with cheese

34. Carrot cake

35. Cheesecake

36. Bananacake

37. Chocolate cake

38. Boston cream pie

39. Chocolate chip cookies

40. Onion rings



40. Slime (from slime kit like that one)

41. DIY stress balls made of baloon and flour

42. Funny fridge magnets made of modling clay and magnets

43. Paintings made by You

44. Glow Sticks like that one (all children like fluorescent bracelets!)

45. Hand-made candles in the shape of animals or monsters

46. Painted pebbles with poems / sentences / jokes or names

47. Nicely decorated / painted glass bottles

48. Hand-made bracelets with the name written on a small board

49. Plaster sculptures painted in interesting patterns

50. Round decorative balloon-shaped containers (Just blow the balloon, take a lot of some string / thick thread, soak this string in strong glue and wrap the string around the balloon in a circle. When the string with the glue dries, cross the balloon and pull it out from the inside. Paint the remaining round construction with some nice color.)

If you want to read more about things to sell in school market day check out Best Market Day Ideas for School – 30 Best Ideas


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