Hello! In this article, we’ve gathered 30 awesome ideas for your school’s market day. Market day is a special time when you can sell things at school to collect money for classroom needs or special projects. These ideas are great for students of all ages, especially for 4th graders and 3rd graders.

Selling different things is a smart idea. Sometimes, not everyone will want what you’re selling. That’s why having a variety of items to offer is a good plan. It’s cool to have at least two different things to sell!

Before your school’s market day, it’s important to:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the date, time, and details of the market day event at your school.
  2. Decide what you’ll do with the money you collect.
  3. Share tasks and jobs between all the students.

The Best Market Day Ideas For School


1. Refreshing and slightly sweet lemonade – Everyone loves delicious lemonade. Other drinks may also be a good idea.

2. School mini lottery – Collect many items (you will need a lot, at least over 50 or more). These items should be varied. Some cool and attractive (for example, fluorescent bracelets like these on Amazon, or small cool toys or figurines), and others may be less interesting, such as a mug or fridge magnet. All the fun in this lottery is that each player must draw a number assigned to a specific prize. You can draw a prize in many cool ways, for example using a rod with a magnet to draw a number.

3. Hand-sewn teddy bears or animals (all you need is fabric, yarn and needle and thread!) If you want to know more how to create your own teddy bears watch this video.

4. Handmade jewlery (especially bracelets and necklaces)

5. Handmade small containers for treasures ( Just take a plastic bottle or a small cardboard box, then cut it in half and decorate it so that it looks nice)

6. Cupcakes with cool flags stuck on a toothpick (or with any other sweet decorations)

7. Hand-painted or decorated stones

8. Hand-painted or decorated piece of wood

9. Hand painted jars (they can look like these and be fluorescent)

10. Handmade stress balls (they are so easy to make! Just use some flour, 3 baloons per 1 stress ball, glue, and paint in an interesting pattern)

11. Handmade toys made of paper or plastic bottles

12. Decorated pens and pencils

13. DIY jewlery boxes – can be made of decorated tea boxes or any food boxes

If you like to create your own handmade crafts be sure to check out this site. You will find here ideas for amazing easy to make crafts that will be best market day ideas for school for you.

14. Game stall – offer clients to play a cool game. E.g. 1 game for $1

15. Slime – you can buy it for example on Amazon here , and then separate from a large package into small packages so that there is more to sell

16. Small plants planted in small, nice pots (you can make pots from plastic bottles cut in half, add soil and plant a small plant and all the decorations)

17. Skewers made of jellies (you can sell them together with hot chocolate to make everything more sweet)

18. Handmade photo holders (e.g. made of wire and painted stone)

19. Fridge magnets made of modling clay and magnets and decorated in an amazing way

20. Amazing origami or things made or paper (you can lern how to make them here)

21. Handmade paintings (even if you think you can’t paint you actually can – for example this)

22. Grilled meat or cheese

23. Toasts made of cheese and ham + ketchup

24. Colorful kinetic sand like this one on Amazon. You can buy a large package and divide it into small parts to sell more and earn more

25. Glass marbles – Buy a large packet with many marbles like that one on Amazon and then sell them in pieces. You will earn a lot and certainly many people will buy them from you.

26. Ice cream with the addition of freshly crushed cookies (e.g. oreo)

27. Figurines made of yarn, fabric or other material (e.g. angels, animals etc.)

28. DIY decorated mugs – buy ordinary cheap mugs and paint them in amazing designs with waterproof paints

29. DIY painted pots

30. Hand made sock doll  – you can make cool dolls out of your socks! Watch how to do it here.


If you are looking for more market day ideas for school, be sure to check out this article The Best Market Day Ideas – 50 Best Things to Sell



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What Does Market Day at School Look Like?


Here are a few examples of what a school market day could involve: pet rocks, handmade paper decorations, and sweets.

School Market Day Ideas
School Market Day
School Market Day Ideas - Cookies
School Market Day Ideas - Colorful Decorations

What is the Market Day in The Classroom?


Market day in the classroom is like a super fun day where you and your classmates get to become little entrepreneurs! Imagine turning your classroom into a mini-town where everyone gets to be a shop owner. You’ll create your own stuff to sell, like handmade crafts, yummy treats, or even services like face painting or storytelling.

To get ready for market day, you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Decide What to Sell: Think about what you’re good at or what you love doing. It could be making friendship bracelets, baking cookies, drawing pictures, or offering a game or activity.

  • Make Your Products or Plan Your Service: Start creating your items or planning how you’ll provide your service. You might need materials or props, so gather those too.

  • Set Prices: Figure out how much your items or service will cost. You can ask friends or family for ideas on what’s a fair price.

  • Prepare Your Shop: On market day, you’ll set up a little table or space to showcase your goods or offer your service. Get creative with signs or decorations to attract customers!

  • Have Fun! On the big day, enjoy being a shopkeeper! Talk to customers, sell your items, and maybe even trade with your classmates for their cool stuff.

Remember, market day is all about having fun, being creative, and learning about running a small business. It’s a chance to show off your skills and maybe even make some pretend money along the way!

Market day is a cool way to learn about money, business, and even a bit about being creative and friendly with others. Plus, it’s a chance to see what your friends are good at and maybe discover a hidden talent you have too! Enjoy your time as a little entrepreneur on market day!


What to sell at Entrepreneurs Day at school?

So, at Entrepreneur’s Day, you want to sell something cool, right? Think about stuff that people at your school might want or find interesting. Here are a few ideas:

1. Handmade Crafts: Handcrafted items have a unique appeal. Consider creating friendship bracelets using colorful threads or beads. Keychains made from braided cords or personalized with charms can also be popular. Additionally, creating original artwork like paintings or drawings allows you to showcase your artistic skills.

2. Baked Goods: Who doesn’t love delicious treats? Baking cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or even specialty cakes can attract a lot of attention. Consider offering a variety of flavors to cater to different tastes. Packaging them nicely in individual servings can make them even more appealing.

3. DIY Slime or Putty: Making your own slime or putty is a fun and trendy idea. You can experiment with different colors, textures, and even add glitter or small toys to make them more exciting. Packaging them in small containers or jars makes them easy to sell and carry around.

4. Customized Items: Personalization is a big hit. Creating bookmarks with unique designs or names, decorating notebooks with doodles or stickers, or even offering custom-designed t-shirts can draw interest. Allow customers to choose their preferred colors or designs to add a personal touch.

5. Plants: Succulents and small potted plants are popular choices. Consider arranging them in cute, decorated pots or containers. Providing care instructions along with the plants can be helpful for buyers who might be new to taking care of plants.

6. Tech Accessories: If you’re tech-savvy, creating accessories like phone cases with unique designs, custom-made pop sockets, or cord organizers for chargers and earphones can attract tech-loving customers. Consider using materials and designs that stand out.

When selling at Entrepreneur’s Day, it’s essential to consider not only the product but also the presentation. Have an eye-catching display that showcases your items attractively. Don’t forget to price your products reasonably and have good customer service – a friendly smile goes a long way! Ultimately, choosing something you’re passionate about and enjoy creating will shine through and make your sales experience more enjoyable for you and your customers.

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