If you’re wondering what business is the most profitable in Florida, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we present the 20 most profitable businesses that provide an opportunity for big profits in this beautiful state. 

The most profitable branch of the economy in Florida is tourism. Over 100 million tourists visit Florida every year. Agriculture is the second largest sector of the Florida’s economy. Florida’s agriculture-friendly climate offers a long growing season. Thanks to this, the production of various types of fruit, vegetables and animals pays off. Florida’s third largest economy sector is international trade, which is so developed here thanks to many seaports. The fourth largest sector of Florida’s economy is aerospace and aviation sector and the fifth is life sciences sector.

 When starting new businesses in Florida, be sure to properly advertise your services on social media and on the Internet. Many consumers and clients in Florida search for the things they need online, so to maximize your profits, your business should be clearly visible on the web.


1. Healthy organic food, restaurant, cafeteria or shop – Healthy dieting and organic food are becoming more and more popular. Most likely, this trend will strengthen in the coming years, so it’s worth investing in healthy, green businesses such as organic food restaurants.

2. An agency offering and brokering a personal concierge or assistance – In 2018, there were more than 427,824 millionaires in the state of Florida, the fourth highest number in the USA. Many of them need help, servants or assistants. Older people also often need assistants and helpers.

3. Care for the elderly  – About 18% of Florida residents are over 65 years old. Many older people need daily care. Private nurses, carers or helpers at home are often necessary. The demand for rehabilitation is also high, and it is a very profitable business.

4. Technological assistance for seniors – Older people often have problems using the latest technologies. Offer them help with TV operation, connecting a new internet, updating the system on a computer, or sell them a gadget like the solar powerbank available on Amazon, etc.

5. Landscaping and gardening – Many Florida residents have gardens. These gardens usually need landsaping, professional gardening and care.

6. Jewelry – The production and trade of jewelry made of precious metals and stones is a profitable business, especially if you find a suitable niche in this area. High quality of jewlery and good advertising are the basis in this business.

7. Catamaran or boat cruises for tourists – Tourism is the most important element of the Florida’s economy. A great way to make tourists vacation more enjoyable is to offer them a catamaran or yacht cruise. You can earn up to several thousand dollars for one catamaran cruise of several hours.

8. Production and sale of accessories for boats and yachts – Florida is the largest producer of powerboats in the USA. There is also a large market of boats and yachts. You too can plug into this business opportunity. Powerboats, boats and yachts need components, spare parts and equipment such as, for example on-board fridge, boat shoes or fishing rod holders as well as deck furniture and other necessary accessories.

9. Craft beer business – Good craft beers have many fans in the USA. It can be profitable to create a new beer as well as sell craft beers made by other companies.

10. Travel agency – Over 100 million tourists need many attractions every year. Travel agencies offering original and unique attractions are something that can find huge interest and give big profits.

11. Cleaning business – The demand for cleaning services and cleaners is high in Florida. These services are needed in homes, hotels, companies as well as in ports and on yachts. All you need to do is find the right place where there is the greatest demand for cleaning services – and certainly your company will have a lot of work and significant profits.

12. Massage center – A good massage is something that both tourists and retirees of Florida need. Also, many young people need a massage after work to rest and relax.

13. Youth hostel – Young people like to travel but often don’t have a big budget. Hostels for young people are the answer to this need. Such a hotel can be created without investing a lot of money in it and will still be profitable. It’s a must to promote it well on the internet!

14. Renewable energy company / Solar panels for yachts and houses  – Thanks to higher and higher quality of green energy producing devices, and also their lower prices, the number of people wanting to buy the equipment needed to produce such energy is increasing.

15. Property rental – Property rental is a very profitable business in Florida. Especially if you have property near the sea, or near tourist attractions.

16. Child-oriented businesses  -The business sector related to children has great potential and there is a lot of space for companies with creative and innovative ideas. Parents are willing to pay a lot if you provide good care or ambitious use of children’s time so that they learn and develop in a pleasant way.

17. Vertical farming is is one of the best ideas for the most profitable business in Florida. The ideal climate for crops combined with vertical farming can give large profits with a relatively small investment.

18. Open a biogas plant – Biofuels are environmentally friendly because they do not involve the emission of many toxic gases in the air. The entrepreneur may generate income for both waste collection and produced energy.

19. Cyber security company – Nowadays, all serious companies, as well as many private individuals, need cyber security services.  Cybersecurity and IT services are one of the best areas for the most profitable business in Florida.

20. Bike sharing  – Well organized bike sharing can be very profitable and easy to start. Florida is ideal for cycling trips that are of great interest to tourists who like to spend time actively.


If you need more inspiration to find the most profitable business in Florida, be sure to check out this list of over 160 business ideas.

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