In this article we present 20 ideas for best locations to start restaurant. Good location is the most important factor next to the high quality of food which you have to meet, if you want your restaurant to be profitable and to have big income. These locations will work in every state and they will be useful in every country around the world.



1. City center

Generally, if you are able to get a place in the city center, it is certain that there will be a lot of traffic and a lot of customers there. Centers of big cities are always the best locations to start there restaurant. It is important that the cost of renting or buying this property does not exceed the income that the restaurant will generate in such a place.

2. Shopping mall

People who go shopping, especially with family or friends often want to eat something. Most people eat at the mall, but the restaurants next door will also generate a lot of profits.

3. Nearby university

Universities are places where there is a whole lot of hungry young people who have to eat something. Usually, students choose cheaper restaurants. To maximize your income, this restaurant should be able to quickly serve many students at once, and serve take-out food

4. Beach

If there are many people coming to a beach, surely many people will also come to the restaurant at this beach.

5. On the roof with an amazing view

All you need to do is upload photos from such a restaurant on the roof to the internet and it will certainly gain a lot of interest quickly. A good view will be very important here and will contribute to the popularity of such a restaurant.

6. On the side of a big road nearby gas station

A lot of people travel by cars and often get hungry while driving. In addition, every driver must sometimes stop to get gasoline. If you create a restaurant next to a gas station, many motorists will definitely decide to satisfy their two needs here (food and gas).

7. Riverbank 

If the river bank is a nice place where many people come, then a restaurant in such a place should pay off.

8. Next to the park

Some parks attract a lot of people who want to spend time there. Many people will like to eat something next to such a nice and peaceful place.

9. Next to the popular museum

Visiting the museum can be long exhausting and tedious. Many people want to sit down in a place after some sightseeing and eat or drink something, as well as talk about impressions from visiting the museum.

10. Next to the swimming pool

Swimming at the pool can literally use all human energy. After a good time at the pool, many people feel very hungry and want to eat something to satisfy their hunger. Many people who swim in the pool care about their figure and want to eat something with a lot of protein, or something that will satisfy the appetite, but at the same time will not contain too many calories.

11. Nearby gym

After visiting the gym, most people have to eat something to give the body the right substances for muscle building. Food with lots of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins will surely find many people willing to eat them.

12. Nearby cinema or theater

People who want to spend time together are often going to the cinema and theater. After the screening, many of them are looking for a good place to eat and talk.

13. Nearby zoo

Many families with children and many young people come to the zoo. Especially parents must then give something to their children to eat.

14. Nearby big train station / bus stations / metro stationn

At large train stations people often wait many hours and at the time want to eat something. Such places are one of the best locations to start restaurant. It is good to you analyze traffic in these places and see what people need when using communication in the place where you want to invest. At bus stations and metro stations, people often want to eat some quick food because they usually rush.

 15. Nearby hospital

Many people spend a lot of time in hospitals taking care of their sick family members or being ill themselves. A good restaurant will certainly be needed in such a place.

16. Nearby big hotel

Often people living in a hotel want to eat something other than the food served at the hotel. A large hotel can generate very large traffic, so a restaurant near such a hotel can be a great business idea.

17. Nearby airport

Usually there are a lot of restaurants at the airports but the traffic is so big that it often can be another restaurant at the airport, or a restaurant nearby will have a lot of customers from the airport.

18. Nearby any popular touristic destination
Just check most popular places in your area on the TripAdvisor and you will see places with the biggest traffic. (like ancient ruins, beautiful lake, or Disneyland)

19. Nearby country’s border

People often like to eat their favorite food before traveling abroad, casue it can be not available there. Also if they are traveling to the more expensive country, they like to eat cheaper food in their own country before crossing the border.

20. Nearby big library

People who spend time in libraries are often so busy reading books or researching that they do not have much time and want to eat something without moving away from the library too much. A restaurant near a busy library should be a very good idea.

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