The secret of being rich is very simple. It is composed of only 3 factors that you must complete in order to get rich and succeed. So what to do to earn big money? How to be millionaire? What is the best way to become rich? Just take a look below and you will know the secret of rich people. 
Despite the fact that the secret is simple  itself, its implementation is really difficult and requires a lot of sacrifices. However, if you truly want to achieve wealth, you will be able to do that following steps below.

The three factors we will discuss in this article are:



  • Choose one thing which will be your business
  • Focus on that 100% of your attention
  • Do not wait for anything. Start doing it right away and sell your product from the very beginning
  • Learn from the beginning how to improve what you do
  • From the very beginning be resistant to environmental pressure. Many people will tell you that what you do is pointless, because people do not understand that success does not happen in one day

There is so many great things to do. You can create sculptures, do programming, design shoes, sell ice creams, build drones, create your own scooter. Anything. No matter what it is, it should just generate some money. Some of this things are more complicated and you need many years of study, maybe even higher education to be able to create them. Other things are easier to do. Some of them you can learn just in a few days and master with time. Generally the first step is quite easy. Just find something nice and easy (for you) to create or to do and start doing it STEP BY STEP FEROCIOUSLY. 

You must realize that you are able to do a lot of things that can bring you income. If you have healthy hands and legs and an efficient mind, it means that you are able to create a whole bunch of various wonderful things.
Do you know how all major companies started? From the small and poor business of their first owner, who simply believed in his abilities. Remember that Apple, Google and Amazon were created in garages (!) by passionate people. As well Harley was born in a small workshop and also Disney was created in a cheap office by Walt Disney and his brother Roy. We all start from the bottom. And it is so much normal. Just keep going forvard. Do not think too much about where you are now. Rather, make plans about where you plan to go. Imagine in your head what your development will look like. Take new steps all the time.

If you don’t know what business to start you can find inspiration here:  160 Ideas for Business


  • Once you know how to create something, set a goal to create twice as much of it.
  • Initial income will be pitifully small. It is normal. Do not worry.
  • If you earn at the beginning only 10 or 150 $ it’s great! Because this amount of income you will have to multiply. Your next goal will be to earn 20 or 300 $. The next step will be 40 or 600 $. And over and over until your income is as much as you want.
  • Master the process. Watch your competitors, read books on the subject, do research on the internet, educate yourself. 
  • Learn everything about that. Be as good as only possible in this one field.
  • Improve your process as much as you can.

It’s pretty simple part of your way to the success. Simple to explain. But so hard to complete.
You already found process that generates some basic quantity of money. Now you just have to realize how to multiply that process and earnings. 

Let’s say that your process is production of furniture. So far you used to create 3 furnitures a week. Try to increase the production twice, so instead of creating 3 furnitures weekly, create 6 of them.
Or if your business is the production of soap, try to create instead of 20 bars of soap per week 40. Do not say that you can not. You can. You do not even need special devices for that. Certainly you can do it.

 At this stage, you must demonstrate diligence above all. However, it will be equally important here to be able to combine. You need to do brainstorm to think what is the best to do for your business on this step. You need to be clever to work with the right partners or to hire the first employees at the right time (which is not too early and not too late). At this stage, you must also start using marketing strategies. Social media will almost certainly be useful. A good advertisement for your business will have a significant impact on its future.


Most people try to do various great things, but their ideas and plans are quickly abandoned, because it turns out that the adopted assumptions require a lot of work, and big money does not come from the first day. They make this decision rationally, because it may seem logical that it is more profitable to go to a full-time job for $ 4,000 a month instead of starting a project that will give you $ 100 a month in the beginning and maybe never start to bring real serious income. Starting your own business is risky because not every business is successful, and some can lead to bankruptcy of their owner.

But yet the truth is that all entrepreneurs are characterized by taking risks.
If you want to be rich, you have to take a chance though and risk. We don’t mean here stupid risk, but a risk whose rate and profit can be very high.
However, there are ways to minimize this risk. One of them may be the adoption of a simple rule. This rule is a combination of your own business and full-time work. Work full-time as long as your business does not start generating at least 80% of how much you earn in your full time job. In this case, your bankruptcy risk will be minimized. However, the downside of such a scenario is that you will be overtired, because you will have to spend your free time after working on a full-time job with your business.


  • Set your business newer and newer goals.
  • Don’t worry about people’s talking.
  • Keep your ears open to valuable advices and insights.
  • Listen to the opinions of your clients. Have a big distance to them, but look for certain patterns and trends in opinions of your clients.
  • Meet other entrepreneurs and influential people with whom you can cooperate for the good of your business

Human nature is impatient. We are used to getting things here and now. People around you are probably not going to be patient, so you must be able to rise above the pressure of your surroundings. Patiently work hard. And master and multiply your 1 process that will lead you to success. 

Love the fact of your work. Be aware that thanks to the money that you earned you will be able to provide wealth and security to your relatives and you will even be able to change the world for the better. Believe that your work is the key to wealth. Do not look for excuses. Do not think that you do not know what to do. Look no further on the internet for advices on how to succeed, if you can work with your business at the same time. Become a hero of hard and obstinate work. Execute the development of your business step by step.

At this stage of the article you should already know that the secret of being rich is not at all surprising, amazing or even unexpected. The secret of being rich is simple and it is hard work and full focus on your goal.
Now you know the secret. It’s not magic. It’s hard work. Is it too much for you? Just ask yourself how much you care. If you follow all the tips in this article, you will get a grip and start working today like a giant, we guarantee that you will achieve what you want with time.



You must realize that most of billionaires spend a lot of time working hard with their business. Business becomes a thing that is in relationship with it’s owner.  So it’s good that you feel nice about what is gonna be part of your life, so you will enjoy living with that everyday. Steve Jobs said about it that words:

You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until yu find it. Don’t settle.

Steve Jobs

2005 , Stanford Commencement

If you want to know more about the secret of being rich read also: How to be Rich?


You can ask: If it’s as simple as it is written here, then everyone could be rich and enrichment would not be so difficult. Yes and no. Everyone can get rich, but it requires a really great ability to focus on your business. The greatest enemy of achieving wealth is inside you. That is unnecessary dissipation with things that are not part of your business development strategy. You must be able to control that.  To do this, remove these things from your life:

  • Stop procrastinating. Saying “I will do that after 30 minutes” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” is literally killing possibility of achieving every of your goals. Always work NOW and do what you plan NOW, not tomorrow.  
  • Stop spending money on unnecesary things. Instead save money with intention of investing it in your business. 
  • Stop thinking that there is any magic secret of being rich. No. Secret of being rich is hard work, and using your brain, as you read in this article.
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people. Every person has different life, comes from different family, society etc. It’s pointless. 

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