Books have been a staple of human society for centuries, serving as vessels for knowledge, entertainment, and art. As such, bookstores have long been important cultural institutions, offering readers access to a vast array of literature and ideas. However, with the rise of e-books and online retailers, physical bookstores have faced increasing competition in recent years. In this landscape, selecting the right products to sell has become crucial to the success of a brick-and-mortar bookstore.

In this article, we present the top 50 best products to sell in a bookstore, based on current trends in the industry, customer preferences, and sales data. Whether you are a new bookstore owner looking to stock your shelves or an established retailer seeking to expand your offerings, this guide provides invaluable insights into the products that are most likely to attract and engage customers. From classic literary works to niche genres, from book-related accessories to stationery and gifts, we cover a wide range of items that can help you differentiate your store and create a unique shopping experience.

So if you’re looking to increase your sales, drive foot traffic, and delight your customers, read on to discover the top 50 best products to sell in a bookstore.

    Best Selling Bookstore Product


    Below we have compiled a list of the best-selling bookstore products other than books.


    1. Pens
    2. Pencils
    3. Notebooks
    4. Notepads
    6. Bookends
    7. Audio-books
    8. E-readers
    9. Reading lights
    10. Journals
    11. Planners
    12. Diaries
    13. Greeting cards
    14. Postcards
    15. Gift wrapping paper
    16. Sketchbooks
    17. Canvases
    18. Paints
    19. Calendars
    20. Organizers
    21. File folders
    22. Staplers
    23. Fountain pens
    24. Ink
    25. Book covers
    26. Markers
    27. Calligraphy sets
    28. Book-themed mugs
    29. Book-themed magnets
    30. Tote bags
    31. Board games (especially literary-themed)
    32. Puzzles
    33. Science kits & educational games
    34. Travel guides and maps
    35. Bookish subscription boxes
    36. Desk organizers
    37. Scissors
    38. Gift sets
    39. Local art
    40. Craft items
    41. Book stands, book holders,
    42. Reading pillows
    43. Secondhand books, used books, and book exchanges
    44. Writing guides and prompts for aspiring writers
    45. Washi tape
    46. Stickers
    47. Fancy paper clips
    48. Literary-themed phone and tablet cases
    49. Literary-themed playing cards
    50. Literary-inspired t-shirts

    Other Ways to Make Bookstore More Profitable


    • Organize book-related small events and workshops (also you can host book-clubs)
    • Organize meetings with book authors
    • Offer book-related food and beverages like coffee, tea, and snacks
    • Offer promotions and loyalty programs for returning clients
    • Promote your bookstore with online advertising (e.g. Google Ads, Twitter Ads etc.)
    • Utilize social media by creating profile of your bookstore and posting updates on new arrivals, upcoming events and sales
    • Create a cozy atmosphere in your bookstore – comfortable seating, good lightning and pleasent decor will be a big advantage
    • Offer gift wrapping services

    Examples of Popular Bookstore Products Other than Books


    These products might be very profitable to sell in your bookstore

    Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light
    Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting

    Available here on Amazon.

    Leather Journal Writing Notebook
    Genuine Leather Bound Daily Notepad for Men & Women Lined Paper 240 Kraft Pages, Handmade, Rustic Brown,

    Available here on Amazon.

    Kindle Paperwhite (16 GB)
    Now with a 6.8″ display and adjustable warm light – Without Lockscreen Ads – Black

    Available here on Amazon.

    Waterman Carene Amber Shimmer Fountain Pen
    Rich golden trim and 23 karat gold clip for luxurious, vibrant style

    Available here on Amazon.

    Novium Hoverpen
    Luxury Pen for Men & Women, Vertically Standing Executive Ballpoint Pen

    Available here on Amazon.

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