The best things to sell on the side of the road are the ones, which the driver or passenger of a passing car may need the most. Depending on the type of road, there are also passers-by. In such situations it is worth selling those things that may be most needed for people moving around on the way.
In this article we show those things. 




1. Phone chargers
You can buy it here

2. Earphones
You can buy it here

3. Jewelry

4. Beverages in cans or bottles

5. Snacks

6. Toys for kids

7. Pottery

8. Powerbanks
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9. Video games 

10. Art e.g. things like paintings or sculptures

11. Small furniture

12. Drones

13. Bikes

14. Electric scooters
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15. Tissues and wet wipes

16. Sunglasses 

17. Shoes

 18. Fresh fruits 

19. Fresh vegetables

20. Caps and hats
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It is a good idea to sell on the side of the road such things that you can not buy anywhere in the area. So, if you sell products on a large road, next to which there are no bars or food stores – necessarily sell something to eat and drink. If there are not any stores with smartphone accessories in the area, start offering them at your place. Also take into account what people are driving this way who they are, what they need and where they are going.

An interesting way of selling things on the side of the road can be selling items or food or drink, from vending carts or bicycles. You can read here 28 Ideas For Small Business based on bicycle or vending cart. 

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