Many individuals worldwide grapple with the question of how to navigate poverty and break free from its grasp. Unfortunately, a significant number of them lack guidance or support in understanding how to initiate life-changing transformations. This article aims to address these concerns and provide assistance in overcoming these challenges.


If you’re reading this article, it most likely means that you are facing financial challenges and are seeking ways to address them. Perceiving oneself as financially limited can vary widely—earning $5, $500, $2000, or even $5000 and beyond per month—all within the spectrum of poverty. This perspective hinges on individual needs, the cost of living, and the surrounding environment. The greater the requirements one has, the more acute the sense of financial strain might become when essential needs are unmet.

In this article, we aim to explain that the most effective approach to alleviate poverty involves redefining what constitutes a “good job” and identifying the pivotal characteristics of such employment. You’ll discover a common trap that often hinders individuals from transforming their economic circumstances. Additionally, I’ll highlight prevalent reasons for financial loss and offer valuable tips on preserving and growing your hard-earned income.
If you will understand our message from this article you will be able to deal with being poor and stop it soon.


Poverty does not derive from the scarcity of riches, but from the multiplication of desires


This step is about changing your point of view on what a good job is. If you look for a good job, search it  thinking “what work can I do to be useful to as many people as possible”. Don’t think about earnings, think just about what would be the most useful to others. Your selection criterion should be to be maximally useful with your job to as many people as you can, if criterion will be just income you can quickly realize that noone is interested in your services. You must do, what will be really useful to others, not just that what is nice and useful to you.

So if you feel “poor”  stop asking for money from others. To deal with being poor start thinking about what you can offer to others.  Start just doing something for people. At the beginning voluntarily and for free.  Offer them the best things that you are able to offer. If it’s useful – people will start paying for it themselves. What is revolutionary information is that in natural economical conditions we all earn as much, as valuable is our work – so saying the same with different words – our incomes are mirror reflection of how much we gave to the world and how much useful we are.  (This theorem is especially acurate if it comes to enrepreneurs. If you are working in full-time job some part of value of your job is usually taken by your chief or your company. So your earnings exactly do not represent real value of your work. That’s why I honestly recommand – start your own business, don’t be afraid to be enrepreneur, be your own chief, and earn as much, as valuable is what you do).

Now imagine that all you thought about rich people was not truth. What if you were wrong? What if true poverty results from greed and true wealth is the result of generosity? The greater greed, the greater the poverty. And the greater the generosity, the greater the wealth. Try to look at poverty and wealt from that point of view. I guarantee you will see, If you’ll open your heart and mind. Try to overthink this words, meditate with them.

The rich will make you creating something that others need! If others will need your products or your work, even if you initially make it available for free, people will start paying for it in time!
The more people who need your work will be satisfied with what you give them, the bigger your earnings will be.

Some tips to change your mind about job and poverty:


  • Stop assuming that all wealthy individuals either rely on luck or engage in dishonest practices to attain riches, which consequently discourages you from aspiring for wealth. This mindset is misleading and limits your perspective on essential aspects.

  • Frequently, those facing financial hardship wait passively for fortune to find them. In contrast, the rich take an active stance, recognizing the necessity of diligent effort to accumulate wealth and search for it.

  • Poverty often stems from a misguided perception of one’s current possessions. Many individuals are impoverished not in their bank account balances but in their mindset and approach towards life.

  • Instead of dwelling on the past, focus on the future. The past remains unchangeable, while the future holds numerous possibilities.


If you feel you are able to offer to the world something more than you give now in current job – you should seriously overthink quiting your job, and starting that, what will be really useful (much more useful than your previous job, of course every job is useful to someone, but some jobs are more useful to humanity, and some are less useful). 

I believe every human has unique talent and mission to complete in this world. Everyone has something special to offer to other people. It might be just a different point of view which is better than old ones. It can be new way of producing anything we all use, or something that is just unique in your society or in your city for example medical knowledge which lets you save human lifes like noone can do there.

There is a serious problem around the world in every country in every society. People waste their talents. There is many people (90%?) who despite being really good in something, decide that it’s time to make money, and start working in any job, which will just let them earn decent money to survive. Sometimes it works and sometimes after time that job starts to be torment to that people.
Rutine, feeling of being useless, feeling of being looser, being bored everyday – this is what often happens when you start working in a place which is not “your”, when you work not in your niche, when you can’t express and use your talent, when real you is not visible in your work, when you can’t give your biggest treasures to others.

There is nothing worst than to be stuck in bad job, which gives little money, but you earn enough to stay there. Staying full time in job like that pomps life out of you, and makes you unable to give to the world that what is the most precious in you. Time goes, being not contented keeps increasing, and earnings stay low. If you feel it you should definitly think about finding new profession or occupation.

If you know you can do anything more useful, just start do it as a part time job. Start with small actions. Work with it in free time, even if you have only 1 hour a week. If you won’t try it you won’t know if it works. Start it in any possible way. If you feel it’s good work, and you are good in that it will be easier to you than normal work.

To deal with being poor check out this list of over 160 ideas for your own business. There are so many ways to earn more!


The most important steps are three above. But some people who are able to complete that three steps, get lost here. Wasting money is like an addiction. The easier you do it, the more possible that you will continue wasting money in future. Try to be frugal.

After you complete steps 1, 2 and 3 look if you do not waste your money in ways listed below:


AVOID these things:


Lending to others. While you may want to help out your loved ones who are in need, you really shouldn’t be lending money if you can’t afford to pay your own bills. It is very important to control your finances to deal with being poor.

Payday loans. While they may seem like a good solution if you’re strapped for cash, the interest rates are ridiculously high, so they will only get you further into debt.

Impulse buys. If you always have a plan for what you will buy, you will have a much easier time managing your finances.

Paying with credit card for everything. If you have a harder time keeping track of your expenses and sticking to your budget when you use a credit card, stop using it.

Stop using credit cards at all!  If you want to stop being poor, you need to stop creating debt. The first step is to stop using your credit cards. The easiest way to do this is to stop carrying them with you. If they are at home, you cannot use them when you go shopping. An emergency fund can help you stop using them because you will have money to cover the unexpected expenses. Your budget should also help since you will be planning for your expenses before they happen.

Fees. Choose your bank and credit card providers wisely in order to avoid unnecessary fees.

Confusing your wants with your needs. Often people make the mistake of confusing their wants with their needs. Sometimes it means overextending yourself for a new car, when you can get by with a less expensive option. It may mean feeling entitled to eat out each day or to buy new clothes on a weekly basis. While it is good to enjoy yourself, you should still be sure that you are hitting your financial goals and milestones before you spend money on these things.

Money Traps. There is a lot of scums everywhere. Always think twice when someone asks you for money. 

START doing that to deal with being poor:

Spending Less. Just remember abour spending less when you go to the supermarket or gonna buy new clothes in internet.

Assess your daily or weekly spending habits. Once you have a solid grasp on what you are spending your money on, you can start cutting out expensive habits.

Buy used items. You can save on everything from your next car to furnishings for your home by buying gently used items.

Look for monthly expenses that can be cut. If you pay for monthly memberships or subscriptions, carefully assess how much they cost, how much you use them, and whether you could give them up. To deal with being poor give up things that you don’t really need, there are certainly a lot of them.

Shops comparison. If you’re on a tight budget, you want to make sure you’re always getting the best deal on absolutely everything. Take some time to compare prices for items you purchase regularly and for large purchases.

Ask for a better deals. You can always ask your service providers for better deals, especially if you’ve been a loyal customer. The worst they can say is no

Spend less on food and entertainment. Whether it’s dining out or going to amusement parks, entertainment can eat up a big chunk of your budget. Look for less expensive ways to have fun.

Don’t hire people to do things you can do. It may be convenient to have your laundry done for you or to have someone else shovel your driveway, but if you’re physically capable of doing these things yourself, you’re throwing money away.

Save money on energy. Go green around the house to save money on your utility bills each month.

Aim to have a few no-spend days a month. After a while, it becomes a game: how can I run my life today without writing anything down in my little blue book? How ingenious can I be to make do with the things, food, and resources I already have at my disposal? See how often you can turn this into a habit.

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This might be useful to consider when steps above are done:

Think if it’s possible to have multiple income streams. If you have multiple ways that you are bringing money in, then there is less stress or pressure if one of those changes. You can look for ways to earn passive income like through rental properties or take on a part-time job or work as a freelancer. If you are married or with a partner, you may already have two income sources which can make your family more stable. Eventually, your investments may be able to apply income that you can live one.


Stay prepared for the unexpected. Planning for the unexpected can help you stay on top of things financially. Medical emergencies, car and home repairs and other unexpected expenses can run up bills and make it difficult to get by no matter how much you are making. One step is to make sure you have an emergency fund. Initially this should be about one month’s salary, but you should build it up to between six months to a year’s worth of expenses. Additionally, making sure you have the proper insurance coverage can help you handle this.


Help other people. Remember the times that you struggled and how much a little help here and there could have made a difference. Take the opportunity to help others when you can. There are a number of different places where you can give back with donations of time or money. It is important to help when and where you can. Remember that karma is coming back.

Get out of debt. You cannot begin to build real wealth when you are paying more in interest than you are earning in interest. If you want to change your situation, you need to take the steps that will help you get out of debt. Make a plan to get out of debt. Once you have your budget set up, you can begin looking for extra money to pay on your debts each month. As you pay off one debt, take that money and apply it to the next debt on your list. Once you are debt free, you will have more money available to take care of your other needs.


Make saving your habit. Start saving money now. There are two ways you need to focus on saving. First, put money into a savings account that you will not use except for emergencies. You can start out with just $20 a week. This is eating at home one night a week or skipping the movies. It is easier to make financial decisions when you know you have money in the bank to cover emergencies. Second, focus on finding ways to save money on the things you already do. Look for coupons and deals in your area. To deal with being poor do not buy things lightly and check at a few different stores before you buy something. Smartphones make it easy to check shop once you find something to make sure you are getting the best price on it.

Finda ways to earn more. If you are not making enough at your current job to cover your necessities and save money, then you need to find a way to increase your earnings.

This may mean taking on a second job to help you catch up on your overdue bills. It may also mean looking at a long-term career change that will allow you to make more money. Going back to school for additional training is a good option. If going back to school does not appeal to you, look at jobs in your field or a similar field that offer higher pay.

Some trade jobs offer competitive wages and have better job security than traditional jobs that college graduates take. Explore your options and consider changing what you do. Another option is to work the grave or swing shift which often offers higher pay for the same work.

Start budgeting. When you are barely getting by, you may already know where every penny went, and you may think that budgeting is just tracking your spending. Budgeting is planning how you are going to spend every penny. It means that you know where you are going to spend your money before it comes. It allows you to plan for expenses in advance and to start to put money aside for the bigger expenses that may come just once a year. When you are budgeting, you can also track your spending trends. This can let you choose areas where you may be able to reduce your monthly spending and come up with strategies to help you manage your money more wisely. If you identify your problem areas, you can change strategies and find ways to save on those specific expenses.

Choose win win earning ideas.  Choose ideas which will be good and profitable in many different scenarios.

Set goals. If you want to change your financial situation, you need to get specific about want you want to accomplish. Think about exactly what you want your finances to look like and what you can do to achieve those goals.

Stop comparing yourself to others. If you’re spending beyond your means because you feel that you need to keep up with your friends or show others that you can afford a certain lifestyle, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Stop worrying about what others can afford and think about how you can live within your means.

Track your expenses. To understand exactly where all your money is going, keep careful track of every dollar you spend. You can do this with a pen and paper or electronically if you use a card for everything, but make sure to account for everything. This simple habit will help you spend more wisely which will help you to deal with being poor.

Make a plan for getting out of debt. If you are broke because you have credit card debt, a car payment, or student loans, think about what you can do to pay off these debts faster.

Start saving. This may seem impossible if you are always broke, but planning for the future will help you get out of this cycle. Start small by just putting $50 in an emergency fund each month.

Understand how much it will really cost. Before you take out any kind of loan or finance any purchase, be sure to calculate what your monthly payments will be, how long it will take you to repay the debt, and how much you will be paying in interest.

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