In the following article, we have prepared a list of the 100 top selling hardware store products. These products are the most popular in hardware stores in the US. The following list is based on a comprehensive survey of dozens of hardware stores in the US and their top selling products.



1. Adhesives

2. Work gloves & latex gloves for cleaning

3. Wrenches

4. Tapes (painter’s tape, duct tape, mounting tape)

5. Keys & door locks

6. Light bulbs

7. Fasteners (especially screws, nails & nuts)

8. Batteries

9. Washers

10. Hinges

11. Latches

12. Handles & door handles

13. Wires & ropes

14. Chains

15. Belts

16. Plumbing supplies (fittings, valves, sealings, heaters etc.)

17. Electrical supplies (carbon monoxide & smoke detectors, lamp holders, power strips etc.)

18. Hammers

19. Tape measures

20. Cutlery & machine parts

21. Paints

22. Glue guns

23. Saws

24. Axes

25. Pliers

26. Pulls & knobs for furniture

27. Screwdrivers

28. Paint brushes

29. Paint rollers

30. Sealants (silicone & polyurethane based caulks)

31. Caulking guns

32. Pipes (plastic, metal)

33. Crowbars

34. Pruning shears

35. Cement & liquid cement crack fillers

36. Plaster (gypsum)

37. Concrete & ready-mixed concrete patch

38. Utility knives

39. Spirit levels

40. Cordless drills

41. Shovels

42. Electric sockets

43. Drills

44. Pipes

45. Contact cleaners & degreasers (like WD-40)

46. Picture hangers

47. Wood varnishes & lacquers

48. Paint sprays

49. Moldings

50. Clothes hooks

51. Plastic containers

52. Wood sealers & wood protectors

53. Outlet power strips

54. Taps & facuets

55. Plastering trowels

56. Utility hooks

57.  Ladders

58. Buckets

59. Styrofoam

60. Handshowers & shower heads

61. Showers kits

62. Extension cords

63. Construction lumber

64. Grinders

65. Construction masks, glasses & helmets

66. Pallet boards

67. Chipboards

68. Plasterboards

69. Metal bars

70. Electric screwdrivers

71. Sheets of metal (steel

72. House numbers

73. Faucet repair kits & parts

74. Padlocks

75. Flashlights

76. Soil for flowers, vegetables & fruits

77. Sandpaper

78. Brushes, brooms, dustpans & mops

79. Rotary rools

80. Disinfectant sprays (like Lysol)

81. Drain cleaners

82. Multisurface cleaners

83. Disinfecting wipes (like Clorox)

84. Toolboxes

85. Window & glass cleaners

86. Felt furniture pads

87. Door stops

88. Coatings & protective enamels

89. Toilet cleaning accessories

90. Disposable paint suits & coveralls

91. Lawn seeds & lawn fertilizers

92. Lighters

93. Shop vacs

94. Metal racks & shelves

95. Wheelbarrows

96. Wood routers

97. Nail guns

98. Rat, mouse & snake traps

99. Rakes

100. USB chargers & cables


Other popular hardware store items:

  • home decorations
  • holiday decorations (Christmas lights and trees, Halloween pumpkins etc.)
  • wood cleaners
  • steam iron cleaners
  • leather cleaners
  • shower cleaners
  • plants for garden & home
  • plant pots
  • liquid foil
  • kitchen accessories (kettles, mixers, blenders)
  • glassware
  • cleaners for walls, floor & woodwork
  • kitchen cleaning sponges
  • moisture meters
  • floor panels
  • floor tiles
  • lamps
  • garden chairs
  • garden furniture
  • garden decorations
  • water filters
  • impact hammers
  • impact drivers
  • hammer drills
  • rotary hammers
  • impact wrenches
  • chainsaws
  • jigsaws
  • reciprocating saws
  • miter saws
  • circular saws
  • band saws
  • table saws
  • biscuit joiners
  • angle grinders
  • bench grinders
  • belts sanders
  • pitchforks
  • polyurethane foam
  • snow shovels
  • coffee machines
  • mineral wool
  • lawn & garden products
  • shower shelves
  • pots & pans
  • clay
  • bathroom under-sink cabinets
  • toilet seats
  • WCs
  • ovens
  • cooktops
  • garden plants, fruit & vegetable seeds
  • utensils
  • car wash
  • car light bulbs
  • lump charcoal
  • grills
  • grill accessories
  • grill wood & chunks
  • grill wood chips
  • bird feeders
  • lawn mowers
  • mailboxes
  • doormats
  • watering cans
  • garden water hoses
  • garden hose nozzles & sprayers
  • fans
  • garden lamps
  • furnaces
  • food for garden birds
  • epoxy resin
  • bricks
  • small furniture
  • hedge shears
  • electric hedge trimmer
  • fertilizers for flowers & flower care products
  • garden carts & trolleys
  • kitchen countertops
  • kitchen cabinets
  • stoves

Source: The above list was created as a result of an in-depth BusinessNES survey. We researched the best-selling products in more than 50 hardware stores in the US, and factored in publicly available data from the hardware store market (Statista).




To attract more customers to your hardware store, consider the following tricks:


  • Specialize in a certain field – if your hardware store, in addition to selling general, best-selling products, will specialize in a specific industry (e.g., garden, barbecue, home decor, kitchen and accessories or others) this will help attract customers even from distant places and increase the visibility of your hardware store.
  • Be visible online – a great way to increase the number of sales is to open an online store. Also remember to set up your Google Business Profile properly, be visible on Google Maps, and be present on social media.
  • Offer loyalty programs, promotions and rewards for regular customers.
  • Sell snacks & beverages (e.g., soda, water, chips, nuts, coffee, energy drinks) at checkouts, or at the entrance to your hardware store.
    If your hardware store is large enough then it is a good idea to offer food, especially food such as hot dogs, fries, burgers, sandwiches, pizza slices and other most popular types of food (a full customer is a happy customer!).



To increase sales in your hardware store it is also worth offering new interesting and trending products. For example, such as the ones below:

Corner protectors for baby

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Wyze Lock Bolt, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock, Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt Replacement

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Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Removable Clear & Tough Mounting Tape Sticky Adhesive

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Blackstone 36″ Cooking Station 4 Burner Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle with Built in Cutting Board

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3 Speed Small Room Air Circulator Fan, 7-Inch, Black

Like this available on Amazon.

And in your opinion, what are the best selling hardware store products? Share your observations with us in the comments section below!

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