Below, we’ve compiled the 30 best things to sell wholesale that should generate the most revenue in 2023. Wholesale is an important middle man between manufacturer and retailer. Choosing the right kind of products to wholesale is a guarantee of big profits. That’s why you should pay special attention to this step and analyze well which product you are able to sell with the highest and most stable profit.

Three most important features of good products for wholesale are: high and constant demand, low competition and ease of storage and transportation of this product.




1. Coffee beans and tea
One of the most profitable products in the world are coffee and tea beans. Coffee retails at a 3000% markup, so this is also a great opportunity for wholesale sellers who have access to good quality, cheap coffee from the producer. Teas, depending on the type, sell at a markup of 1000% which also makes them very profitable wholesale product.

2. Clothes
Clothes are some of the most popular and profitable things to sell wholesale. Some of the most profitable types of clothing to sell are t-shirts, pants including jeans, underwear, socks and jackets. It happens that some wholesale clothes are sold with markup exceeding even 100%.

3. Beer and craft beer
One of the more viable products to sell in holesale is also craft beer. Markup on beer sold in retail is often up to 80%, which creates great potential for profitability in this business.

4. Wine or champagne
Wines and champagnes are fine spirits that are sold at a markup of 200-300% in restaurants and bars. Selling such wines from the producer straight to the bars and restaurants you can count on a good profit.

5. Surgical items
Medicine and health is a huge niche business that continues to grow in demand. Great products so sale wholesale from this category include disposable masks, gloves, surgical towels, surgical tape, dental bibs, syringes and many more.

6. Toys for kids
A variety of toys is another good idea for a wholesale business. Some of the best toys that pay to sell wholesale are interactive toys, outdoor toys, character toys and robot toys.

7. Spices
Very profitable commodity to sell wholesale are spices. Depending on spices and your possibilities, selling spices wholesale you can count on profit margin from 5%-10% for common spices and much more for the most profitable spices. The key to success is to establish good contacts with manufacturers of individual spices and offer them attractive deals. A great idea to maximize profits from spices is to package them yourself and sell them under your own brand.

8. Jewelry
Jewelry is another of the top products for sale wholesale. The advantage of selling jewelry is its selling flexibility and scalability, you can start small and gradually increase your business. One of the keys to success with this business is to get referrals and make numerous business contacts.

9. Bags & backpacks
Bags handbags and backpacks are a broad niche worthy of attention. Just like clothes these goods are needed by almost all people in the world and are characterized by constant demand for new and fashionable models.

10. Shoes
Shoes are one of the most basic and indispensable elements of clothing, which is in constant high demand.
To be successful in selling wholesale shoes, it is worth following new trends and what is in demand during a given season.

11. Cosmetics
Cosmetics is a product category in which there are a whole bunch of very profitable opportunities for the wholesale business. There are many small to medium sized manufacturers in the cosmetics industry, by contracting with them you can often do very profitable business.

12. Hats & beanies
Another type of things to sell wholesale that you should consider are hats, beanies and other popular headwear. There are many categories of such hats that sell very well. These include beanies with an inscription, or in the style of something that is popular at the time (such as cryptocurrency beanies, presidential candidate beanies during elections, and anything else that is in high demand).

13. Pet accessories
The pet accessories industry is a very lucrative and intensely growing field in business with increasing demand. This is a great opportunity for the wholesale business as well. The most profitable things to sell wholesale in this field are new and popular pet accessories such as automatic dog waterers, pet clothes and other trendy pet accessories, as well as high quality pet food.

14. Electronics
The latest electronic products that feature great popularity are great goods for wholesale business. Examples of such products are the latest high quality power banks, smart rings, ligt projectors and other trendy gadgets.

15. Organic food
Healthy food is a product group that is already booming and the demand for it is predicted to keep growing. Organic healthy food has a much higher markup. This type of product can be very profitable for beginners and small wholesalers.

16. Socks & underwear
Socks and underwear are products that are in high demand. If you are able to get a good deal from a manufacturer of attractive and fashionable underwear or socks, then this business can be very profitable.

17. Headphones, cables & phone accessories
Although the competition in this niche is very high, it is worth considering. Phone accessories and headphones and cables are products that almost all people in the world need. It can be a good idea to improve products in this category that have new and improved features and that solve problems that were not solved by their predecessors.

18. Home decorations
The U.S. home decor market is worth nearly $200 billion and the market continues to grow strongly. Some of the most profitable products in this industry are wall prints, clocks, table lamps, cushions, rugs and many more.

19. Bottled water
Bottled water is one of the top products with the highest markup. The main cost of water is the bottle and distribution. It is estimated that the markup of water is up to 4000% in terms of real value of the bottle in water. If you are able to get water straight from the source then a wholesale business in this niche can be very profitable.

20. Eyeglass frames & sunglasses
Some of the most profitable products for sale wholesale are also eyeglass frames and sunglasses. They are often sold wholesale at mark-ups of over 50%, which makes them an attractive product for many wholesalers.

21. Mattresses
The cost of manufacturing mattresses that retail for $3,000 each is often only $300. This is a great opportunity for wholesalers.

22. Furniture
Furniture is a commodity that can be very profitable if you sell it wholesale, however, it is not that easy and requires knowledge or close access to furniture manufacturers or good opportunities to obtain antique furniture at a good price.

23. Long shelf life food
Products like canned fishes, meat, vegetables and fruits, various sauces, syrups, dried food like pasta, beef jerky, powdered milk etc. are good wholeasale products because they can last a long time, making them easier to sell and less likely to spoil. In order to be successful in this industry it is worthwhile to start selling wholesale some rare and hardly available products (if you have contacts) like caviar, seafood, Italian pasta or olives or other regional products that will interest many customers. 

24. College & school textbooks
Student and college textbooks are another industry full of many very attractive wholesale business opportunities. If you order a really large quantity of textbooks from wholesale that sell for tens of dollars in the US, you will pay as little as $0.2 – $0.3 per item. If you know what kind of textbooks are in the highest demand then this type of wholesale business is worth considering.

25. Drones
The drone market is already worth many billions of dollars and growing very rapidly. There is a growing demand for small large and medium sized drones. Both small drones (like toys, or for taking pictures and videos) and larger drones like this one available on Amazonthat can be used e.g. for transportation are selling well.

26. Meat, chicken and fishes
Products worthy of attention when it comes to wholesale business are undoubtedly also meats fish and seafood. You can sell them to restaurants, stores, supermarkets, various businesses and sometimes individuals. To maximize your profits, you might want to think about selling wholesale organic healthy meats, or other types of unique and premium products of this type.

27. Cereals
The popular types of cereals are good examples of goods which are worth selling wholesale. The best examples of such cereals are popular products which are gaining a lot of popularity in recent months. The cereals for breakfast, as well as different cereals for athletes, diet and those recommended as the healthiest are also products worth considering.

28. Soda & beverages
One of the best-selling food products in the world is soft drinks, primarily soda. Although there is a lot of competition in this area, there are many opportunities to stand out and reach customers. The key to success is to understand what the competition is in your area and offer a better deal.

29. Security cameras
More and more stores, businesses, organizations and individuals are choosing to install security cameras. Importantly, the quality and price of these cameras are becoming more and more attractive every year, increasing the demand for them.

30. Baby bodysuits & other baby clothes
Children’s clothes are products that are often characterized by high profit margins. The demand for such new clothes is constant, and new and better products replace older and worse ones, so it is worth investing in good quality and popular clothes.



  • baby diapers
  • packaging & cello tape
  • printer ink
  • survival items (like this magnesium fire starter available on Amazon)
  • greeting cards
  • game consoles & accessories
  • portable printers
  • mouses, keybords & PC accessories
  • wireless speakers
  • tablets
  • laptops
  • smartwatches
  • flowers
  • soap
  • scented candles
  • led lights
  • water filters
  • 3D printers & accessories
  • sport clothes & sport accessories

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TOP 30 Things to Sell Wholesale in 2022


  • When selling certain wholesale products, think about selling them under your own brand. This has many benefits such as possibility to promote your products more easily and reach more customers.
  • Often the best products to sell wholesale are those whose manufacturers do not retail directly.
  • When selling your own products (especially under your own brand), you can leverage the contacts and reputation of the well-known retailers you work with. Sometimes it is even worthwhile to offer them a discount in exchange for a profitable promotion of your products. This allows you to increase brand awareness.
  • Having relationships with many retailers is not only the foundation of a profitable wholesale business. It is also the great business opportunities that arise for you when you establish relationships with retailers.

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