In this article we have prepared 50 unique business ideas that can make big money because of how special and rare they are. One of the most important features of profitable businesses is that they are unique and do not have much competition. The business ideas we have gathered below are really unique and therefore have a chance to be very successful. If nothing of the kind is yet working in your city, then it is worth thinking about starting one of the following businesses.

Unique Business Ideas That Can Make Big Money

1. Hotel For Plants
There are quite a few pet hotels already, but for many people, their favorite plants are just as valuable as their pets. People who go on vacation or business trips, for example, cannot take care of their plants and may be interested in the services of a plant hotel.

2. Smart Pet Feeder With Facial Recognition
Imagine a cutting-edge Smart Pet Feeder equipped with advanced facial recognition technology. This innovative solution is designed to provide tailor-made care for pets, delivering a seamless feeding experience. By harnessing the power of facial recognition, this device precisely identifies and dispenses food according to individual pets’ requirements, ensuring accurate feeding schedules and portion control. Not only does it offer convenience and remote monitoring for pet owners, but it also enables the customization of dietary plans to meet the unique nutritional needs of each beloved animal. Importantly, this technology ensures that only registered pets receive their designated food, preventing any confusion or unintended feeding, thus guaranteeing a safe and controlled feeding environment.

3. Personalized Fragrance Generator
Many people want to match their perfume to the occasion and mood, and it’s not always easy. That’s why a great new business idea is a personalized fragrance generator that uses artificial intelligence to create unique scents based on your mood, preferences, personality and occasion. You can order a sample or a full bottle of your custom fragrance online or at a kiosk in a mall or airport. Such fragrances can also be made by a robot that will produce such personalized perfumes right in your home.

4. Wearable Pet-Human Translator
A wearable device that translates your pet’s sounds and body language into human speech. You can attach the device to your pet’s collar or harness and pair it with your smartphone app. The device will analyze your pet’s vocalizations and movements using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It will then generate a voice message that tells you what your pet is feeling or thinking. You can also use the app to communicate with your pet by sending commands or questions through the device. This product is novel because it enables a two-way communication between humans and pets using advanced technology. It is useful because it helps you understand your pet better and improve your relationship with them. It is impactful because it can foster empathy and compassion for animals by giving them a voice. It is scalable because it can work with different languages and dialects.

5. Wall Acoustic Panels
Panels that can improve the sound quality in a room and at the same time provide a decorative element. They can be made from a variety of materials and shapes and customized to suit individual customer preferences. An ideal product for musicians and people who value silence and privacy.

6. Dirt To Sprinkle On The Coffins
In the 21st century, migration is a very common phenomenon. Migrants often miss their country, culture and local goods. One of the primary things many people associate with their country is land from that country. It can be used to sprinkle on the coffin of the deceased, or it can be thrown under the foundation of a new house. Such a business can be really profitable, as the owners of the Original Irish Dirt company found out, which has become famous among the Irish.

7. Graffiti Removal Services
Especially in big cities, ugly, disfiguring graffiti on walls is a common problem. A graffiti cleaning service is something rarely seen, which is why they are likely to be very successful.

8. Celebrity Hair & Private Things Sale
Many fans would give a lot to be able to touch their idol or… at least be able to touch and have some of his/her personal items, something he/she used to use, or at least have cut fingernails, hair, or used handkerchiefs of their idol. On the internet, you can find Justin Bieber’s “authentic hair cuttings” being sold, for example, priced at $35,000 for a small strand of hair.

9. Rent A Hog
Although it may seem absurd, certain people sometimes need to borrow some animals. Such animals are needed, for example, by companies for marketing purposes (e.g., for film shoots and commercials), or such animals may also have a use in helping people in their garden (e.g., a sheep that will naturally fertilize the soil). There are a whole bunch of animals that renting can be a good business, examples of such animals include: goats, cats, dogs, cows, chickens, etc.

10. AI-Powered Home Security Drone
Imagine a drone that patrols and monitors your home, equipped with AI for surveillance. In an era where home security is a top priority, this innovation offers a proactive approach to monitoring, catering to the safety needs of homeowners. With its advanced capabilities and emphasis on proactive security measures, this drone taps into the growing market for smart home devices, ensuring its demand among consumers seeking high-tech solutions for home protection.

11. Tree House Installation And Sale
Many children dream about a tree house. The company producing professional tree houses, made safely and at the same time in an amazing way could be a very profitable and unique bizness especially in big cities and where there are many families with children. This business can boil down to building such tree houses, or to selling sets of finished houses, which the owner then builds himself (like furniture in Ikea). You can also offer to design such tree houses, or repair old ones.

12. Order A Pop Song For Birthday Or Any Ocassion
Imagine that your loved one has a birthday, or is celebrating some important anniversary, and suddenly he or she hears from the speakers around them a song exactly about them mentioning them even by name. A professional music creation company could create such songs in series to order, having, for example, similar lyrics that they would customize for their clients.

13. Flower And Gift Delivery By Drone
Each of us likes to make unique gifts and surprises. To make a given gift even more special, you can deliver it using a drone, for example, to someone’s garden or to someone’s workplace. This type of service will surely find great interest and demand.

14. Bird Houses Production, Sale & Installation
Birdhouses are an interesting niche business related to nature and people who have gardens and love animals. As nature-friendly lifestyles become more and more popular this type of business may become more and more profitable. Bird houses need to come in different sizes and shapes because each species of bird likes a slightly different house. Such houses can also be typically decorative or designed to be hung in forests and parks.

15. Safe Installation, Production & Sale
Safes are an indispensable part of equipment of many stores, companies, institutions, banks and also houses of rich people. High quality safes sometimes require transportation, assembly or repair services.

16. Glamping
Glamping is a combination of capping and glamorous style. It is a fairly new phenomenon that has attracted a lot of attention but is still little known. This unique niche in the business has a lot of room for new products and new ideas, such as luxury deck chairs or luxury field kitchens.

17. Hire Someone To Cheer You Up
Hiring a cheerful person to lift your mood can sometimes yield better results than a good psychologist! If a person or their friend wants to improve their mood, then they can hire such a person who, for example, will tell jokes, entertain and talk to the person for an hour. This business is already quite popular in Japan.

18. Smart Bike Helmet With Built-in Safety Features
Imagine a helmet that not only protects your head but also enhances your overall safety on the road. This innovation comes with integrated lights, indicators, and crash detection, revolutionizing the biking experience by prioritizing safety without compromising style. With the growing concern for road safety, this multifunctional helmet is poised to appeal to urban commuters and enthusiasts seeking a safer and smarter way to ride, ensuring its demand in an increasingly health-conscious market.

19. Video Games Hotel
Imagine a hotel where every suite has gaming consoles and a bunch of different games, slot machines and a bunch of attractions from the gaming world. In the lobby of such a hotel stand computers and consoles with the most iconic games of all time, and the halls are filled with duels of excited players who play games on large screens. Such a themed hotel for gamers is undoubtedly a unique business idea that should attract a lot of attention and interest.

20. Camel’s Milk, Cheese And Yogurts
Many people like to try new foods and enjoy exploring new flavors. A unique example of food that many people in the world have not yet tried are  dairy products derived from camel milk. Not only it is a very original business idea, but it also has many vitamins and nutrients.

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100 Extremely Unique Business Ideas To Make Big Money

21. Mural Painting Business
We all know and have seen murals before. However, what if we would like to order such a mural to be made in our city? Who should we contact? An interesting business idea could be a company offering to create murals and mediating in connecting clients with artists who will create such a mural.

22. AI-Integrated Smart Plant Pot
An innovation for plant lovers, this smart pot utilizes AI to monitor and cater to the unique needs of plants, ensuring optimal growth conditions. As people seek to incorporate nature into their indoor spaces, this AI-powered pot offers convenience and expertise, appealing to both gardening enthusiasts and individuals with limited green-thumb skills. With the rising interest in sustainable living and indoor gardening, this innovative product is poised to thrive in a market where technology meets nature.

23. Hair Regrowth Treatment Clinic Or Spa
This innovative business idea operates within a forward-thinking niche that addresses the growing demand for effective hair regrowth treatments. As people increasingly seek solutions for hair restoration, this interesting business idea stands out by offering specialized services tailored to meet this specific need.

24. 3D Printing Store & Services
3D printing is a whole unique niche of business that is growing in popularity. An example of a 3D business is starting a 3D product store and offering 3D printing. To start such a business, all you need is such a 3D printer (available on Amazon) from which you can print unique things. This type of business is especially profitable in the centers of large cities and near universities and technical, biological, or architecture-related companies.

25. Smashing Plates And Glass Rage Room
Smashing plates and breaking glass is an effective way to de-stress, according to many people. A special place where you can de-stress in this way can be a good idea for a business.

26. Gutter & Roof Cleaning
Most homes have gutters. They often need cleaning because leaves, sticks, feathers, sludge and dust and many other debris accumulate there over time. This service is needed to make the gutters drain better. However, it is rare to find a gutter cleaning service, so this business can be very profitable. You can also offer gutter repair, sealing and replacement.

27. Pet-Health Tracking Collar
A smart collar that tracks your pet’s health, activity and location in real time. It will allow to monitor pet’s vital signs, calories burned, distance traveled and more on your smartphone app. You can also set up alerts for when your pet leaves a designated area or needs medical attention. This unique business idea combines multiple features into one device that can improve pet’s well-being and safety. It is useful because it helps to keep an eye on your pet and prevent potential health issues. It is impactful because it can reduce the number of lost or stolen pets and save lives by detecting emergencies. It is also scalable because it can work with any type of pet that wears a collar.

28. Pet Clothes Store
Pet accessories are becoming increasingly popular, so a pet clothing store seems like an interesting idea for a unique business. Many pet owners want to buy clothes for their pets, or some accessories, but there is a small selection in most stores. Creating this type of store will definitely attract a lot of attention.

29. Levitating Home Products
Levitating home and interior decorations and accessories are a new and unique niche in the business. Levitating bonsai, levitating lamps and levitating speakers, among others, are already available. It is a good business idea to create new levitating items, or to improve those cited above. It also seems interesting to open cafes, bars or restaurants with levitating decorations (and levitating food bowls, for example).

30. Fast Food Vending Machine
Although fast food vending machines are already quite popular in Japan, globally they are still a unique business idea that can be very successful in many places (especially in big cities). The uniqueness of such machines comes down to serving tasty fast food such as pizza, kebab, crispy chicken pieces, fries, burger and many more in a very short time. An interesting variation of such a machine can be vegan fast food, organic fast food or diet fast food.

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31. Home Protection From Dangerous Animals And Mosquitoes
In many parts of the world, animals, especially insects and mosquitoes, are a nuisance to residents. Offer a service to protect homes from these types of problems. Such a company should offer professional ways to protect and seal homes by installing mosquito nets and securing any places through which animals could enter the home.

32. Construction Of Private Shelters And Bunkers
Many wealthy people like to be prepared for a variety of circumstances including all hazards and disasters. For this purpose, it can be very useful to have a bunker or a private mini shelter. Although it seems popular, bunkers are still one of the most unique business ideas and a very promising niche.

33. Breakfast In Bed Delivery 
Many people prefer to sleep or do something else in the morning instead of preparing breakfast. Offer a breakfast delivery service right to your home or bed. You can also extend this offering to lunches and dinners. Some people don’t like to eat alone, or they just feel lonely and would like to spend time with someone. Offer the service of preparing and eating lunch with your customers.

34. Plant Clinic
Sometimes our favorite plants for unknown reasons start to wilt, wither, are attacked by some pest, or something bad happens to them. Offer professional service to rescue and treat sick plants. Such plants can be picked up by private transport from your home and transported to a plant treatment clinic for recovery.

35. Decorating Building Facades & Frescoes Painting
Although it may seem simple and trivial many buildings, especially elegant and luxurious restaurants, bars, hotels or corporate headquarters require a high quality finish to their walls, painting and pasting or carving decorations and a high quality finish to the facade. There is also often a demand for hand-painted frescoes, or for repainting old frescoes or decorations. Besides, a whole niche in the business is also restoration and maintenance of such old decorations.

36. Cemetery Restoration Services
There are many old or forgotten cemeteries, monuments and obelisks around the world that need restoration or simply cleaning and care. Offer a restoration service to maintain and care for such graves and monuments and you are likely to find many interested customers.

37. Dancing Shows Of Unique Types Of Dances 
During various celebrations and cultural events, organizers want to attract and interest the audience as much as possible. For this purpose they often organize dance performances, acrobatic shows or musicals and other performances. This type of unique business ideas comes down to hiring exceptional dancers specializing in rare dances such as Spanish flamenco, Indian bharata natyam or Arabic belly dance. Many performance organizers would pay a lot to see such unique dances.

38. Robot Sheep Herding Dog
There are many types of pack animals that need a guide, or a guardian like a dog. Create a robot that will behave like a dog and guard and lead the pack. Such a robot dog can also have other uses such as guarding the property of rich people, or analyzing the life of wild animals using cameras and sensors.

39. Cutting And Shortening Tall Trees
Garden owners, as well as managers of parks or green spaces in cities, often want to shorten tall trees. However, this is often too difficult or too dangerous to do alone. Therefore, this type of business will certainly find a lot of interest wherever there are a lot of trees.

40. Sale Of Unique & Dedicated Digital Services 
Many people are fans of some youtuber, or profile on Instagram or Facebook. Create a business that offers services related to such channels or profiles. For example, you can sell passes to participate in a video, or offer to buy dedicated posts on Instagram from celebrity profiles.

41. Restaurant Or Bar With Clowns Or Dwarfs
Some details and small changes can greatly transform the character of a restaurant, bar, or cafe, making it unique and exceptional. To give such a place a unique character staff can be dressed in unusual costumes, for example, movie characters, soldiers, clowns or people from prehistory. It can also be interesting to hire only exceptionally tall or exceptionally short employees (or even dwarfs) to make your customers feel like nowhere else or like in a fairy tale.

42. SPA Truck – Mobile Spa & Massage 
Relaxation and soothing the senses is something many people need, especially in big cities. Offer this to them in different places by driving up and offering a massage in a spa-truck.

43. Diapers For Pets
Although it may seem strange, there is quite a demand for pet pampers. Owners prefer to protect themselves with such pampers, for example, when traveling by car, train or plane with their pet.

44. Mosaic Laying Services
In ancient times, the mosaic was considered to be the pinnacle of luxury and one of the most beautiful forms of decorating the interior of buildings. Now also this form of decoration is of great interest. The mosaic can be used to decorate the interiors of houses, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, shops, cafes, churches and temples, as well as the interiors of offices and every other buildings.

45. Balloon Flights For Tourists
Flying is a unique thing that can be very exciting and amazing. Although everyone has probably heard about ballooning not many have experienced it. Offering short balloon flights, small trips, or for example a restaurant in a balloon high above the ground will undoubtedly be attractive and unique business ideas.

46. Social Shoes
It’s a unique start-up idea that connects individuals based on their shared interests and passions. By simply wearing the such shoes, users gain access to a network of like-minded individuals, creating new opportunities to connect with friends, partners, or mentors who share their hobbies, goals ,or belong to the same subculture. Such unique business idea will foster social interaction and community building among people who love shoes, paving the way for a new world of connectivity and community. With the ability to integrate with existing social media platforms and online portals, this novel idea offers a revolution in social networking.

47. Food Subscriptions
A food subscription service is a unique business idea that is already starting to become somewhat popular in many countries around the world. This new unique niche in business has a lot of opportunities and possibilities. Examples of such food subscriptions could be organic food subscriptions, diet food subscriptions, sports food subscriptions, Asian food subscriptions, Mexican food subscriptions, Italian food subscriptions or fish and fruit subscriptions.

48. AI-Powered Personalized Skincare Device
Revolutionizing skincare, this device serves as your personal dermatologist, analyzing your skin and providing tailored skincare routines and product recommendations. In a beauty industry that’s constantly evolving, the demand for personalized and effective skincare solutions is soaring. This AI-powered device not only caters to individual needs but also taps into the rising trend of personalized wellness, promising profitability in a market hungry for customized experiences.

49. Food Sculptures
Food sculptures are an interesting decoration that fits perfectly to elegant parties or large events. There are very many ways of doing the creation of these types of sculptures. Examples include sculptures made of chocolate, watermelon or cheese.

50. Sci-Fi & Cosmic Equipment Store
There is a growing number of people in the world who are interested in topics at the intersection of fantasy and reality. Many people are fascinated by space and probable life beyond Earth, as well as new technologies. Offer people products from the world of fantasy prepared in reality. Glasses that reflect laser beams, UFO tracking suits that protect against radiation, or special devices that shield people from 5G 4G and 3G waves. Although it may seem funny, surely such interesting items will find many people willing to buy them.


  • Aquaculture automation solutions – develop automated systems for aquaculture, combining robotics and AI to optimize fish farming processes.
  • Smart mirror that analyzes your skin condition and recommends which products to apply for the best look (with augmented reality help).
  • Compact hydrogen-powered generators – portable generator powered by hydrogen for off-grid electricity.
  • Super smart mirror that has AI assistant built in, can show weather forecast, news, and can give you tips regarding style
  • AI-powered personalized fitness clothing line – clothing with embedded sensors that adapt to workout routines and provide feedback.
  • Personalized monetization services
  • Smart aromatherapy – aromatherapy system integrated with mobile app on your phone
  • 3D printed images – Images that are created using 3D printing technology and have a three-dimensional effect.
  • Professional entertainers for hire – for events & parties.

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