The cost of a catamaran varies depending on its size, quality, whether it is new or used and when and where you buy it. In this article we present accurate data on the prices of different types of catamarans. We also describe the costs associated with using a catamaran. In this article you will also learn 10  useful facts about the catamarans and the costs of owning them.  You will also learn how to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month as a catamaran owner.


Many people think that catamaran is a luxury that only the richest can afford. That’s right if you want to buy a new catamaran. However, if you are looking for used catamarans, you can find a catamaran in good condition for as little as $40,000 to $80,000 . New catamaran cost starts from several hundred thousand dollars. The cheapest new 40-foot catamarans cost at least around $150 000. For this price, however, you will get the cheapest catamaran with basic equipment and quite low-quality interior. Catamaran prices can fluctuate a lot when it comes to used catamarans. It happens that someone buys an old used but functional catamaran for only $ 10,000.

Prices of good quality new catamarans start at an average of 300-400 thousand dollars. The price of luxury catamarans is often around a million dollars and more.


The price of a catamaran also depends on some important details. First of all, the key is whether you are buying a catamaran during the season or after the end of the season. At the beginning of the season, the demand for catamarans is the highest, which is why prices are the highest at the time. If you decide to buy a catamaran during this time, you’ll probably pay tens of thousands of dollars more. The best time to buy a catamaran at the best price is the end of the season.

Catamaran prices also depend on where you are buying the catamaran. Generally, US catamarans are sold at high prices compared to, for example catamarans bought in the Caribbean.


After you buy your catamaran, you still have to expect some of the costs associated with it. The most important costs are insurance, taxes and registration fee. There are also catamaran maintenance costs resulting from fuel consumption, repairs and port fees. Generally, the larger the catamaran, the higher the costs associated with maintaining it. When buying an old used catamaran, you should expect higher costs, especially when it comes to fixing faults and failures.

Expect to repair or replace the engine components with new ones approximately every 5 years. Approximately every 5 years, you will also need to replace your sails and deck equipment. 
Every 10 years , replacing the standing rigging, overhauling engines and updating major systems will be necessary. Saltwater catamarans need to be repaired and replaced more often than freshwater catamarans.


Catamaran insurance is usually around 1.4% to 2% of the catamaran’s price value. Catamaran insurance is paid once a year.

These 1.4 – 2% is calculated from the price of the catamaran’s value i.e. for example 1.4% x $ 200,000 (catamaran’s value) = 1.4% X $ 200,000 = $ 2800 a year.
For 2% value insurance for the same catamaran you will pay $ 4000 a year.

The entire amount of insurance is usually paid at once, but sometimes it is possible to pay this amount spread over several smaller amounts. If you want to learn more about catamaran insurance, be sure to check it out.


Under US customs law, every catamaran whose hull was manufactured outside the US must be taxed at 1.5% of the value of the entire catamaran. Additionally, you have to pay import fees, which are around 0.5% of the catamaran’s value. So when buying a catamaran manufactured in e.g. Europe you will have to pay 2% of customs fees for bringing it to the USA.

After you buy a catamaran outside the US, you must contact a Certified customs broker when you arrive in the US.

The cost of transporting a 40-foot catamaran from Europe to the USA is about 15,000 euros. This amount includes catamaran transport by sea and all fees are included. You can learn a little more about transport here.


It is quite obvious, both the maintenance of the catamaran and its price are definitely more expensive, counting the price per foot length. According to many experienced sailors, it takes twice as much money to maintain a catamaran than to maintain a monohull of the same size.
With a catamaran, you need to spend twice as much money on things like fuel, oil, engines and generators repairs (there are usually 2 engines in catamaran vs 1 in monohull ),Also in some marinas you have to pay twice as much for mooring a catamaran as a monohull (because the catamaran will take more space) however, this happens quite rarely only in some marinas .

As for the price of the catamaran vs the price of monohulls, for the price of the cheapest catamaran you can buy various really good quality monohulls. Catamarans are more expensive because they have a larger surface and their production is more expensive. However, as most people think, a catamaran gives more options and is more self-sufficient, so it’s worth paying more for it.

If you are interested in the differences between catamaran and monohull this video may interest you


1. Lagoon

2. Fountaine Pajot

3. Leopard

These three companies are responsible for the production of over 50% of catamarans currently available on the market. They are the undisputed leaders in the production of catamarans.

Other worth mentioning are Gemini – an American company of quite good quality, smaller catamarans, ideal for couples, are not as expensive as the most famous French brands.


 If you want to learn more about the largest catamaran brands on the market, take a look at this video


to help you learn more about catamarans and their costs:

Gone with the Wynns – They are a couple who live on a catamaran. You can learn from them many important things about buying catamaran and life on a catamaran.

Jessica and Ryan Adventures –  A couple who live on a catamaran and travel on it. They provide a lot of interesting information about catamarans and boats.

Costs of buying a catamaran. Taxes, insurance fee etc. by Wiley Sharp Catamaran Expert

Interview with Gary Fretz catamaran sales expert.

USEFUL WEBSITES ABOUT CATAMARANS – Official site of Lagoon catamarans – Official site of Fountaine-Pajot catamarans – Official site of Leopard catamarans 14 biggest mistakes when purchaising used (or new) catamaran and how to avoid them  Catamarans in Florida and the USA for sale Catamarans for sale in the USA


Catamaran business can be very good and profitable business idea. One of the most profitable ways to make money with catamaran is to offer cruises to tourists. 
The cost of the cheapest used catamaran, the quality of which is enough to offer cruises for tourists, is about $ 80,000. Tourists usually pay for a few hour catamaran mini cruise $ 40 to $ 200.

The price of the cruise depends on the quality of the Catamaran, the popularity of the place where the cruise is offered, as well as the attractions offered during the cruise.
If we assume that you can take 10 tourists for one catamaran cruise and they pay $ 60 per person, you will earn $ 600 in a few hours. 

Depending on the type of cruise, you can make 2 – 4 such cruises per day. This means that the Catamaran can easily earn at least $ 1,200 – 2,400 per day, assuming the minimal ticket price and small catamaran size

If you need money to buy your dream catamaran, look for inspiration to get rich in this article.

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