In this article we have collected 50 the best selling market stall products. To create this article we conducted a thorough analysis of US markets in various states. The items presented are the ones that sell best and should bring good income.

If you want your market stall to be really profitable, think about which of the items on the list below is not sold on your market. If no one in your market sells any of these items, it’s very likely that if you start selling it, it will sell very well. 


1. Bags and purses

2. Second hand clothes

3. Caps and hats 

4. Tshirts with an interesting and unique patterns

5. Cool socks

6. Shoes & flip flops (especially when it’s warm)

7. Vintage goods

8. Decorative figurines and decorative ceramics

9. Herbs (alive in pots like basil and dried ones)

10. Flowers

11. Peking duck and grilled meat

12. Freshly roasted coffee beans

13. Handmade crafts

14. Handmade soap

15. Fresh fruit juices, smoothies and cocktails

Baked goods

16. Macaroons

17. Mini pizzas

18. Cakes

19. Cupcakes

20. Cookies

21. Crisps

22. Nuts, (Walnut, Pecan nut, Almond, Peanut, Pistachio etc.) Nuts can be roasted, in chocolate, słone, or coated)

Every market needs  some point with fast food.  The best ideas are:

23. Burgers

24. Hot dogs

25. Tacos

26. Kebab

27. Cafe is also needed in every market!


28. Apples

29. Bananas

30. Oranges

31. Blueberries

32. Strawberries

33. Grapes


34. Carrots

35. Tomatoes

36. Potatoes

37. Onion

38. Garlic

39. Lettuce

40. Sweet pepper

41. Hot pepper (chilli, pepperoni, jalapeno)

Other food:

42. Candies

43. Salads (grain salads, pasta salads, chicken or salmon salads, fruit salads etc.)

44. Soups

45. Cheeses (american cheese, blue, camembert, cheddar, gorgonzola, mozarella,  etc.)

46. Fresh fishes and seafood

47. Fresh meat

48. Olive, olives, pesto, spaghetti sauce and other original italian cuisine ingredients

49. Spices

50. Teas



Other good ideas for best selling market stall products that you may want to consider are:

Organic and gluten free food

Cheap mini drones (up to a maximum of $ 20)

Light up LED shoes (like those available on Amazon)

Craft beer


Ice creams


Hanmade crafts can be a good idea for market stall. To see more, check out The Best Things to Sell at The Craft Fair – 30 Best Ideas 



  • People buy and choose with their eyes. It’s extremely important to present your products in as much visually appealing way, as possible. Stall must look fresh and clean. Also person who sells products must look good, clean, and be nice.
  • Also you must have clean and good signs on your stall. People will see your sign first and stall’s name first.
  • You also need to have your own sales system. Good quality products that you offer, similar stall look every time, similar vendor’s clothing. Customers like the constant proven look and the system and will be happy to come back to it. If you always have completely different items and a completely different stand design, it will not attract regular customers.
  • When you sell clothes, glasses or jewelry, you should have a mirror on your stall. When a customer is interested in a product, tell him that there is a mirror and he can try on. This will encourage many people to buy.

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To let your customers always know where and when you will be, it is worth having contact with them via the Internet. How to do it?

You can create a website with news and information about your business. You can also create a group on Facebook. A good idea might also be to create a newsletter for your customers, in which you will inform your clients about your latest products.

To encourage as many customers as possible to follow you on the Internet, it is best to offer them a discount for a regular customer, or access to extra services.

You can use your website or social media (e.g. Instagram) to let your customers know what you do and who you are. This will allow you to establish a relationship with customers and it will significantly increase your profits.


Remember that each market has a slightly different specificity and people most often buy different things in different places. Watch carefully what people buy, what they need and what goods they ask for.

It’s best to sell food in large markets like this

And smaller markets sell better things like clothes, decorations and jewelry.

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