In this article we have prepared a list of the top 50 small space business ideas which are ideal for generating profits from a small space, such as one small or medium room, small booth or kiosk. Ideas below are mostly retail shop ideas for small space and ideas for the food business that do not take up much space.

Remember that before you start your business you should definitely get to know the surrounding market and see what stores and businesses are already in your area. If there is a large grocery store next to you, a small grocery store will probably not pay off. However, if your business will be the only one of its kind in the area, it will almost certainly be the perfect way to make money.


1. Fast food point – Fast food stores are definitely one of the most profitable ways to earn big money from a small space. Fast food is most profitable in city centers near busy streets, public transport stations and other popular places. The only thing that needs to fit in a fast food point is a place for a food storage, a fridge that will hold all fresh ingredients, and the tools needed to prepare food such as a microwave oven and e.g. a kebab toaster. Good ideas for profitable fast food point are fried chicken point, burrito place, kebab mini bar, taco point hot dogs and corn dogs and also french fries point etc. 

2. Mini grocery store – In a small place you can fit many of the most important grocery items that people need on a daily basis. If there is no grocery store in the area, it can really pay off.

3. Gift shop – with many gifts. Because gifts are often small, you can fit a whole lot of great gifts even in a small place. 

4. Coffee point – To make coffee, all you need is a place for a good coffee machine. You can sell it in take-out cups in disposable cups. Coffee is a very profitable business with a large margin on every coffee sold.

5. Mini liquor store the demand for this type of stores has always been and will be. You don’t need a lot of space for such a store. If there is no competition around it will definitely pay off.

6. Mini bar – with drinks, beer and wine – the mini bar with a maximum of 10 people can fit in very small space the size of one room. Such bars have a unique atmosphere and are often very popular.

7. Mini pawnshop can be very small and still be very profitable business, especially profitable in the centers of large cities

8. Sweets and snacks shop a small and simple business that can be arranged in even the smallest room

9. Pralines and hot chocolate point can be made even in a small place, chocolates do not take up much space, so they can be easily stored

10. Mini store with jewelry and small decorations – jewelry does not take up much space and can be displayed even when hung on the wall

11. Mini store with telephone accessories and electronics like powerbanks, headphones, bluetooth and wifi speakers phone cases

12. Mini souvenir shop

13. Mini perfume shop

14. Mini make up store

15. Mini toy store –  everywhere where there are children, even the smallest toy store will pay off. The key to sucsess is to properly display toys and store sign so that it can be seen from afar

16. Mini florist – many people, especially in city centers, need to buy flowers for a gift. On a small area you can accumulate several of the most profitable and popular types of flowers (primarily roses), which should generate good income

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17. Fresh juice point all you need is a fruit juicer, a supply of fresh fruit and you can open such a business. The small space will be perfect.

18. Smoothie point is one of the most profitable small space business Ideas. All you need is a few ingredients and a good mixer, so it’s easy to fit such a business anywhere

19. Macarons point – these little cookies don’t need much space and can generate a really big income, especially a good idea if there are no other sweet products in the area

20. Mini sushi bar

21. Hairdresser

22. Nail and make up point – all you need is a comfortable chair or armchair and a table on which clients’ nails and makeup will be made

23. Photographer

24. Massage point

25. Pancakes / Crepes point

26. Ice cream point –  all you need is even the smallest room in which you can fit 1 ice cream fridge and 1 countertop for other necessary things

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26. Mini cosmetics shop

27. Mini store with herbs and natural medicines

28. Fruit and vegetable store – generally, fruit and vegetables are not a very profitable business, but you can significantly increase your earnings by also selling sprouts, vegan delicacies, fresh juices and organic food.

29. Mini clothing boutique

30. Lingerie boutique

31. Mini travel agency

32. Mini shop with nuts, roasted chestnuts in different flavors in breadcrumbs, in chocolate, salty or sweet, in caramel, spicy etc.

33. Popcorn, hot nachos with cheese and fresh baked chips point

34. Mini salad store

35. Small stationery store

36. Mini store with caps, hats, sunglasses scarves and shawls

37. Currency exchange point

38. Point with pizza slices / mini pizza many people love pizza and are happy to buy a piece of fresh hot pizza, e.g. going to work or waiting for the subway. A good pizza oven will be necessary to sell the pizza, but a mobile pizza oven like this may also be suitable.

39. Tobacco shop – all tobacco shops usually have a small kiosk size

40. Mini pharmacy with the most needed medicines

41. Mini optician

42. Mini shop with house-cleaning products is needed in every densely populated part of the city

43. Mini seafood store – with frozen or fresh seafood products, or with dishes / snacks prepared from good quality seafood

44. Bed and breakfast business – If you have a small room, you can think about renting it or offering a bed and breakfast service there.

45. Giving private lesoons for small group of students – a small space like a  one room can be just right to do a mini school there, for example with foreign language lessons or to offer tutoring there

46. Mini pet shop with small pets like fishes or mouses

47. Cotton candy point can be as small as the cotton candy machine itself

48. Mini antique shop

49. Mini watch store

50. Kiosk – in the kiosk you can sell a whole range of things, not only newspapers, drinks and snacks, but also things such as tickets, handmade products, sunglasses, baby products, video games or even 3D printing services

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