In the following article, we have compiled a list of the best things to sell in a flower shop. These items will ensure the best profits and best answer your needs. What do customers want when they come to the florist? Something beautiful, small and perfect for a small gift or for an item that will decorate the home and bring joy to another person. There are really many such items besides flowers and we list the most important ones underneath.



1. Flowers
The first most profitable products to sell in florists are, of course, flowers – especially roses, tulips and bouquets of flowers. Also, various flowers in pots both for the garden and home are one of the best selling florist products.

2. Unique decorative pots
Ceramic, metal, wooden, decorated and unique style pots.

3. Sculptures, Vases & Statues
Such as sculptures, decorative vases for the home, ancient style amphorae.

4. Flower pot stands, hangers and coasters
Flower accessories such as flower shelves, hangers and hanging pots are very popular products to offer in a flower shop.

5. Flower vases
Cut flowers need to be kept somewhere, so in every home and in various other places people need nice elegant and beautiful vases and vases for flowers.

6. Fertilizers for plants and soil
Liquid fertilizers, loose fertilizers, stick fertilizers or granular fertilizers are the best-selling types of fertilizers in florists. Small to medium portions of different types of soil are also in high demand.

7. Remedies for slugs, snails & pests
Many people have problems with slugs and snails and pests that destroy plants. Offer them the best remedies to solve these problems.

8. Seeds of various ornamental plants as well as vegetables and fruits
Seeds of various plants are very profitable products to sell in a flower shop. They don’t take up much space and if customers don’t buy them you can sow them yourself and sell them when they grow.

9. Closed plant terrariums
Such enclosed terrariums are a great decoration for your home or business. Very popular in recent years.

10. Small decorative plants in pots
Small decorative plants in pretty pots make the perfect gift. The most popular of such small plants are succulents and little cactuses.

11. Bonsai
Bonzai are some of the most dignified and unique products that you can buy from a florist. Both small bonzai and larger, perennial bonzas sell well.

12. Wicker baskets, grass baskets & decorative containers
Baskets and decorative containers are suitable both for keeping plants (in pots) in them and for many other purposes.

13. Gift bags, and greeting cards
Since customers who come to the florist often buy flowers as gifts, they may be interested in buying greeting cards and gift bags as well.

14. Home decor products
A florist is a place full of beauty, flowers are wonderful decorations, but apart from them there are also many other wonderful decorations that may interest your customers. Examples of such decorations are decorative fruit bowls, decorations for walls or decorations for kitchen and living room.

15. Scented candles and candlesticks
Scented candles are an ideal product to sell in a florist shop. They will be suitable as a perfect gift along with flowers.

16. Dried flower bouquets
Ideals are another popular product sold in many florists. Their big advantage is that they can last longer than cut flowers, and are often just as beautiful.

17. Decorative pottery, plates & mugs
Decorative pottery as well as plates and mugs are a great extra product to sell in a florist shop to increase profits and attract more customers.

18. Gardening & plant tools
The most popular plant and garden tools such as a small secateurs, garden gloves, or small shovels are items to offer at the florist.

19. Mirrors
Small decorative mirrors are another great product to offer your florist. They do not take up much space and can be placed on the walls of the flower shop and among the flowers.

20. Special occasion decorations and items
Very profitable products to sell at a florist are typical Christmas products, decorations for Easter, decorations for the new year, decorations for Valentine’s Day, and decorations and accessories for other biggest events.

Other most profitable things to sell in a flower shop:

  • orchids
  • cactuses
  • nepenthes
  • balloons
  • small gifts
  • gift baskets
  • scented soaps
  • bath bombs
  • decorative pendant lamps
  • globes
  • coffee tables

Beautiful pots are one of the most profitable products to sell in a flower shop. Such a pot is available here on Amazon.

TOP 20 Best Things to Sell in a Flower Shop

Not only the flowers have to look beautiful, but what they are in has to be beautiful as well. Various kinds of stylish flower pots and containers are a great selling product for every florist.




A garden center is a great idea for developing a flower shop. If you just have a big enough land (a plot of land in a busy place is enough) then you can make such a garden center there. The best selling products in a garden center are garden plants, garden furniture, garden statues and garden decorations (e.g. Fountains, sculptures), as well as garden tools (shovels, secateurs, axes, wheelbarrows, etc.), and other garden essentials like tiles for the garden path, or barbecue accessories.

Online store is another great way to increase profits of every florist. With an online store, you can reach far more customers than with a traditional florist. It pays to display there decorations such as decorative pots, vases and decorative containers (available on Amazon) there.

Vedding, event and party flower services – if you run a florist store, it is a good idea to make contact with local event centers, churches, restaurants, stores and places that may need flowers. With access to a variety of flowers, you can provide them with the right flowers by establishing an ongoing relationship, or by offering one-time services.

Flower delivery services An interesting way to increase flower shop sales is to offer flower delivery. It is enough to employ one person who will deliver flowers. Such service should be properly advertised.

Flower truck A great way to expand your flower business is to sell flowers not only in a flower shop, but also from a flower truck. This is perfect for Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, local events, and busy locations such as city centers, train stations, and shopping malls.

Flower stand If there are some very busy places (like city center, most popular streets, shopping mall etc.) in close vicinity of your florist, it is worth considering opening an extra flower stand in such a place. It can turn out that such stand will generate really big profits and will work like a branch of your florist.

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TOP 20 Best Things to Sell in a Flower Shop



  • Be highly visible on the internet. In addition to your website, visibility on Google, Facebook, and Instagram is a must! Nice pictures and information about newly available products will expand your customer base.
  • In recent years, classical style pots (reminiscent of the original pots from ancient Greece, ancient Italy or old Aztec designs) have become increasingly popular. Offer such classic and unique pots and you will attract more customers with them and increase your profits.
  • To keep cut flowers fresh and marketable for as long as possible, keep them in clean containers, change the water every 2-3 days, and keep them in cool area. For most cut flowers, the ideal temperature range is from 33°F to 35°F (1°C). For tropical types of flowers, they may require higher temperatures as high as 50 to 55°F (10-13°C).
  • Regular sorting and cleaning is equally important – if there is even one flower in a bouquet that has already started to wilt, others will wilt faster. That’s why flowers should be taken out of cold storage every day and carefully inspected.
  • Keep in touch with customers over the phone – many customers like to order flowers after having a conversation first. Be available on the phone and answer questions, and many customers will be more likely to use your services. For example, customers may ask if you offer any bouquets for weddings, or a specific type of product like sundews or olive trees. When you give them the information there is a good chance they will buy your products.
  • Make a database of customers who place occasional orders – for example, some people buy a big bouquet of flowers every year for for Vallentine’s day, Christmas,  or for other occasions. If you have a contact to such customers (phone number, e-mail, you have a contact on Facebook, Instagram, etc.), remind them about yourself and ask if they also want to order a given product this year (it is worth adding that you happen to have attractive products of this type and you thought about this customer). Many customers will treat such questions with joy and will gladly buy the products again.
  • When running a florist shop, use professional items that will make your job easier such as these florist scissors, clear floral tape, collapsible flower service cart or this waterproof florist bouquet paper (available on Amazon).

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Small succulent pots like his one is available here on Amazon.

Macrame plant hangers like his one is available here on Amazon.

Dried lavender sachets like his one is available here on Amazon.

And in your opinion, what items sell best in a flower shop? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!

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