In the following article we have prepared a list of over 20 best items to sell in crowded places. These items are usually the most popular in the U.S. and Europe and their sales generate great income in crowded places such as city centers, popular tourist destinations, as well as the vicinity of train stations, subway stations, shopping malls or universities and university spaces.

Crowded places are great environment for business. In such places there are many people who are potential customers and have many needs such as thirst, hunger, the need to buy necessary daily products, or to spend time with friends in an attractive way.




1. Beverages & cold drinks

2. Snacks

3. Fast food like french fries, hotdogs, burgers, kebabs or tacos

3. Phone chargers & accessories
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4. Cookies & cupcakes

5. Coffee

6. Necklaces and cheap jewelry

7. Chewing gums

8. Ice creams

9. Sweets & jellies

10. Various types of bread and cakes

11. Lighters

12. Socks & underwear people often buy them when traveling or when they are in hurry

13. Nuts or sunflower seeds

14. Shaving razors & hygiene products e.g. deodorants

15. Tissues and wet wipes

16. Caps & hats 
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18. Power banks
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19. Cool tshirts

20. Souvenirs & gifts 

Great things to sell in crowded places, but only sometimes, under certain specified conditions:

1. Umbrellas –  everyone needs them when it rains. They can also protect from the sun during hot days.

2. Beer – popular during events, holidays and party time.

3. Cigarettes – popular during events holidays and party times, the same occassions like beer.

4. Toys for children – If there is an event for which a lot of children will come, or if there is a child’s day, or simply there are many children in the area
For example remote control car for kids which you can buy here (Amazon).

5. Baloons with helium or normal –  best in places where there is a lot of children.

6. Hot tea popular in warm days to warm you up.


Very efficient way of selling in the crowded places is selling items, food or drinks from vending carts or bicycles. You can read here 28 ideas for small business based on bicycle or vending cart. 

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