Products below are the easiest to sell. You can sell them in every city and villages around the world. To sell them you only need your hands. Just get your products, and stand with them in any good point of street. 

The best products to sell on the street are:


1. Cigarettes


2. Tissues


3. Water bottles – small and closed in factory


4. Sunglasses


5. Belts


6. Hand watches


7. Lighters


8. Roses (1 red rose)


9. Cans of cola


10. Cheap jewelry


11. Phone chargers


12. Headphones


13. Bateries


14. Socks and caps


15. Wallets


16. Fresh milk, sour milk (kefir)


17. Caps


18. Nuts or sunflower seeds


19. Pasting and cleaning shoes (it’s actually not an object, but on the street such a service can find many customers)


20. Mini-store with food. Bread, oranges, bananas,  vegetables




In touristic areas you should try selling souvenir items like small symbols of local city,   (for example mini eiffle towers in Paris) or typical local products like fragrances or herbs. You can also sell eating products that everyone likes and which people know are fresh and good  (for example  nuts).

An improved version of selling on the street is selling items or food or drink from vending carts or bicycles. You can read here 28 ideas for small business based on bicycle or vending cart. 


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