Navigating the online retail landscape in Australia can often feel like a daunting task for sellers looking to capitalize on the digital marketplace. However, understanding what products resonate with Australian consumers can significantly streamline this process and increase sales potential. To assist in this endeavor, we’ve meticulously analyzed and compiled a comprehensive list of the top 30 products that hold the promise of high demand and popularity across the continent. This selection is not just a random assortment but is informed by a thorough examination of consumer purchasing behaviors and market trends specific to Australia.

Our findings draw upon a deep dive into the best-selling items on major platforms such as eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, and Woolworths, combined with insights from Google trends data, tailored to the year 2024. This analysis provides a clear snapshot of what Australian consumers are currently seeking, offering valuable guidance for sellers aiming to penetrate or expand their presence in the Australian online market. By focusing on these products and categories, sellers can align their offerings with the preferences and needs of Australian buyers, thereby optimizing their online selling strategies and achieving better outcomes in a competitive landscape.


What to Sell Online in Australia in 2024?


In 2024, the Australian online marketplace is vibrant and diverse, with certain product categories capturing the attention of consumers more than others. For sellers aiming to maximize profits, the key lies in offering the latest and superior versions of products that already have a substantial presence online. This strategic approach not only sets you apart from the competition but also aligns with the evolving preferences of Australian buyers.


1. New gadgets
Australians have a keen interest in the latest technology and quality innovations. Trending items include the latest phone and laptop accessories, such as cutting-edge mouse pads, UV light sanitizer boxes, and air purifiers, reflecting a strong demand for tech that enhances daily life.

2. Organic food & healthy fast food
The preference for organic and healthy choices is pronounced among Australians, many of whom are willing to invest more for wellness. Hot sellers include organic baby food, fruits, vegetables, and organic protein powder, highlighting a lucrative opportunity for items not yet available in organic form.

3. Locally produced/sourced products
There’s a growing appreciation for authentic, quality products, including regional specialties like authentic Italian olives or French cheeses. This trend underscores a desire for genuine and unique offerings.

4. New trending apparel & accessories
Clothing is invariably one of the biggest categories of products that pays to sell in Australia. In addition to clothing, it is also profitable to sell popular accessories such as sunglasses and hats (Amazon).

5. Organic tea & coffee
Specialty teas and coffees, including detox and organic herbal teas, are in demand. Accessories for brewing and enjoying these beverages also represent a significant market.

6. New healthcare items
High-quality healthcare gadgets, including advanced knee care products and blood pressure monitors, cater to a health-conscious audience.

7. Footwear
Unique, trendy, or luxury footwear stands out as a top category, driven by consumer desires for exclusivity and style.

8. Smart jewelry
Like smart rings, smart health monitoring bracelets or invisawear safety jewelry which can notify up to 5 people and police if anything dangerous happens (Amazon).

9. Subscription box service
This is a new type of service that is becoming more popular to sell in Australia. Examples of these subscription boxes include boxes of children’s toys, candy or collectible items.

10. Educational products
Since both homeschooling and adult education are popular in Australia selling quality products in this category is one of the best business ideas.

11. Skincare products
There are constantly many new skincare products and accessories on the market. Their sale is very profitable, provided you choose the right product for which there is high demand and little competition.

12. Kitchen gadgets
Great selling products in Australia are various practical and useful accessories and gadgets for the kitchen. Examples of these include: pasta strainers for pots, vegetable choppers or oil sprayers (Amazon).

13. Advanced robots with practical applications
Newer and more advanced versions of the robots are available every year making it a great product to sell in Australia. The most popular of these robots are cleaning robots, cooking robots and programmable robots for kids and teens (Amazon).

14. Pet accessories
Pet lovers like to buy new gadgets and interesting items for their pets. The best sellers are new, improved items with more features and better design such as: leashes, collars, and harnesses.

15. Plus size fashion & shapewear
1 in 3 Australian is obese which equates to about 8.3 million Aussies living with obesity. Moreover, 2 in every 3 Australian adults (or 67%) are overweight or obese. That makes plus size clothing, slimming clothing and weight loss products in high demand and a very profitable category of products to sell.

16. Used products
Used products are a broad category of things that can sometimes be very profitable to sell. Used brand name clothing, collectibles, vintage products, antiques and many other categories are products that many Australians want to buy.

17. Sport & outdoor
This is another popular product category among Australians. Things like attractive water bottles (Amazon), sportswear and a massage guns are examples of products that are in high demand.

18. Supplements & brain pills
Since health is an important issue for Australians a lot of people buy different kinds of dietary supplements. Brain pills that support brain function are also in high demand.

19. Reusable shopping bags
Since concern for the environment is no stranger to Australians reusable shopping bags are something that almost every person in Australia owns. Currently available bags of this type on the market are often outdated, archaic and lack an interesting design. High quality bags of this type would certainly be a great product to sell in Australia.

20. Reusable food storage bags & boxes
This is another very attractive category of products to sell. Examples of such trending products in Australia are resuable sandwich bags and resuable food silicone bags (Amazon).

21. Patio & garden
Items like vertical plant stands and garden lamps cater to homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

22. Vehicle accessories
Such as car cleaning kits, nylon recovery kits, in-car phone accessories or special organizers for cars (Amazon).

23. Senior gadgets
Australia is a country full of seniors who often need care and help. There are many products that are very useful for seniors, such as: rechargeable hearing aid, reacher tools, or special smart toilets for seniors (Amazon).

24. Stress relieve aids & accessories (including sleep aids)
Like weighted blankets which are thought to help with anxiety. The weight while you’re sleeping also helps to promote a better night’s sleep.

25. Maternity & toddler clothes and accessories
Many moms want to choose the best products for their children, so the new gadgets and equipment in this category are products that Australian moms are willing to pay for, as long as the products are better than previously available products of the type. Examples of such products include sterilizer dryers, organic baby food and baby bottles (Amazon).

26. Toys & games
This is a very broad and profitable product category to sell around the world, including Australia. The best selling new trending products among kids are Disney interactive figures, Legos, new popular dolls or unique smart nano drones (Amazon).

27. Cannabis & hemp products and accessories
The trend for hemp and cannabis continues and new popular products in this category continue to emerge that are in high demand. Examples of such products are: cbd gummies and hemp clothes.

28. Camping & travel products
High-quality camping and glamping (“glamorous camping”) products, like durable tents and sleeping pads, cater to outdoor enthusiasts.

29. Cosmetics & make up 
This is a great category full of numerous profitable products to sell in Australia. Most popular are new make up accessories, new organic cosmetics and cosmetics based on original and natural products from different countries of the world such as argan oil from Morocco, coconut oil from Phillipines or green tea from China.

30. Anti-aging products
Many people want to look younger and stop aging. Many products, creams and tools can help with this to some extent. Such products are in high demand in Australia.


Other best-selling products in Australia include:

Emerging Health and Wellness Trends:

  • Caffeine Gummies: Captivating the TikTok audience, these offer a novel and enjoyable way to consume caffeine, signaling a fresh direction in energy supplements.
  • Ashwagandha Water & Melatonin Gummies: These products mark a significant interest in natural health remedies, catering to the growing demand for wellness beverages and sleep aids.
  • Magnesium Spray: A testament to the innovative approach towards dietary supplements, with its benefits in relaxation and muscle recovery capturing consumer interest.

Skincare Innovations:

  • Kojic Acid Serum & Tranexamic Acid Serum: These serums are at the forefront of the skincare revolution, prized for their potent skin-brightening and tone-evening properties.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, Vegan Skincare, Retinol, Snail Slime: Reflecting a surge in demand for ethical and sustainable beauty solutions, these products cater to a wide array of skincare needs from hydration to anti-aging.

Pet Care Essentials:

  • Salmon Bites: Highlighting the shift towards healthier pet treats, rich in omega-3 for optimal pet health.
  • Pet Accessories: A collection including innovative toys and comfort-oriented beds, these items underscore the importance of pet well-being and entertainment.

Home and Lifestyle Products:

  • Ergonomic Mouse & Cold Plunge Tub: Emphasizing comfort and wellness in both work and relaxation, these products cater to the modern lifestyle of health-conscious individuals.
  • Kitchen Organizers and Gadgets: From food covers to built-in trash bins, these items promise to enhance kitchen efficiency and sustainability.
  • Rosemary Oil: Gaining traction for its multifaceted benefits, from stress relief to hair care, embodying the holistic approach to personal care.

Fashion and Accessories:

  • Cargo Pants and Mini Dresses: Capturing current fashion trends, these items blend style with practicality, appealing to a broad audience.
  • Crochet Bucket Hat & Cross-body Sling Bags: Reflecting the cyclical nature of fashion, these accessories marry nostalgia with contemporary design.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories:

  • Smartwatches & Power Banks: Keeping pace with the digital era, these devices are indispensable for staying connected and powered up on the go.
  • Die-Cut Machine & Pilates Machine: Catering to hobbies and fitness enthusiasts alike, these products support creative crafting and home workouts.

Eco-friendly Picks:

  • Thermos & Insulated Travel Tumbler: Echoing the call for sustainability, these items offer stylish solutions for hydration needs without the waste.

General Interest:

  • Key Fob Covers & Barrier Cream: These niche products meet specific consumer needs, from enhancing car accessory aesthetics to protecting skin from environmental aggressors.
  • Padel Balls: Associated with the rising popularity of padel, indicating an expanding market for sports equipment.

What You Need To Know Before Starting Selling In Australia



Which products Australians prefer?
Australians support Australian brands and prefer local products. According to a survey conducted by Commonwealth Bank, over 50% of Australian shoppers want to buy locally sourced and produced goods. This trend is also confirmed by numerous other surveys. Australians are more likely to buy locally produced recreational goods (as 59 per cent responded), as well as fashion (58 per cent) and even electronics (55 per cent). (source)

What are the most important needs of Australian consumers?
Research shows that to attract Australian consumers, products must be sold quickly and without the need to leave home. Furthermore, surveys show that over 70% of Australian consumers search online prior to making a purchase and expect to receive immediate information when using their smartphones. So in order to satisfy the Australian consumer, it will be necessary to provide fast online service and respond promptly to customer questions and comments. (source)

How to attract Australian consumers online?
According to the study, 25% to 30% of Australians admit that they try to buy products from promotions or choose cheaper versions of a product or cheaper alternatives. Shipping prices are also an important factor for Australians when shopping. In a survey of a sample of 2,000 respondents, 35% responded that current shipping prices are too expensive, indicating that lower shipping prices for products should attract more customers. (source 1, source 2)

What products are Australian consumers more likely to buy?
Research shows that Australians prefer natural and healthy products. almost two-thirds of Australian household grocery shoppers were willing to pay more for a product with the Health Star Rating, on average up to an additional 3.7% of the price of the product. When buying food, Australians prefer nationally produced food. As many as 90% of respondents replied that they prefer to buy food produced in Australia. (source 1, source 2)


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Examples Of Products In High Demand In Australia In 2024


Air fryers
It is the perfect product for those who want to cook quick meals with less oil. A perfect addition to many Australian cuisines. Air fryers like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Skincare mini fridges for storing cosmetics
Mini fridges like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Reusable water bottles
Bottles like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Smartphone UV light sanitizers

One of the most popular products in Australia. Such UV sanitizers are available here on Amazon.

Home robots with build in Alexa
Such robots like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Massage guns for deep muscle massage
Tools for massage like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Selfie rings
The gadgets used by many Instagram & TikTok users have been in very high demand in recent months. One such gadget is the selfie ring like this one available on Amazon.

Organic protein powders
Organic protein powders and other organic fitness & gym producats are very popular and trending products in Australia. An example of such product is this powder available here on Amazon.

Reusable shopping bags & grocery bags
This another very profitable category of products to sell in Australia. Bags like the one below are available here on Amazon.

Smart locks & smart entry keypads
Smart locks like the one below are available here on Amazon.

3 in 1 wireless charging stations
Wireless stations like the one below are available here on Amazon.

And in your opinion, what are the best products to sell in Australia? What is the most in demand? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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