In this article we’ve prepared a list of 30 best low stress after retirement jobs. Many retirees search for a low stress job, to be able to enjoy life and to earn extra money in their free time. On the one hand, when retiring, you still have a lot of strength and energy for part time jobs or part-time work. On the other hand, in this age, for health reasons, it is better not to stress and work calmly, and so as not to overstrain. For this reason, we have prepared the best ideas for low stress jobs after retirement.

Times change and life expectancy increases significantly, so it’s good to consider retirement as the beginning of a new life. To do this, plan your future well, including thinking about additional earnings. That will allow you to enjoy life for many years, which will help you with an additional stream of money.


List of the best low stress jobs to do after retirement:



If you need peace and you like silence, you may probably like to work in the library. The big advantage of libraries is that when there is not much traffic, employees have some free time to read books or use the computer.


Researcher is needed in every middle and big company to collect and verify information and data. It is very peaceful job, often possible to be done remotely from home. Basic ability to use the Internet and search for detailed information, as well as the ability to think analytically will be necessary to work as researcher.


Quiet sitting work in a hotel. If you like to talk to people it can be a great idea for an extra job for you.


Easy work, usually with young people like students. To work as a tutor, you only need to be good at maths or other subjects. Proficiency in a foreign language will also be attractive


Work with plants and nature relaxes and releases stress. A gardener’s job can be perfect for every retired person. All you have to do is cut the hedge, mow the lawn and like to water the plants and take care of the garden.


If you know something about the work of an accountant and are not afraid of the mass of invoices and papers, you should consider this work. It is a very calm and sedentary job.


If you have a lot of experience in a specific field, your knowledge can be very valuable. Consultants in such areas as management, business, medicine, finances, and many others can earn a lot without being stressed at the same time. 


If you are an individualist or you prefer to work alone, the ideal idea for you may be to work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you will determine the amount of work you will do, and decide for yourself which pace to choose. The most popular freelancer profession is freelance writing, web development, graphis design, bookkeeping, ghost writing, photo editing, being personal trainer or couch and many more. Great website to offer your freelance services is 

Hotel concierge

Guests at the hotel always need a lot of help and have a lot of questions. If you like meeting new people and helping them, then you may like this job.

Nanny / Child care

Young parents who work often need help with caring for their children. Look around your neighborhood and friends. Probably many people are looking for a good carer for small children.

Pet Sitting / Dog walking

It’s quite a simple job, but it can be very profitable. If you like animals and you know how to take good care of them, you can earn even large amounts of money by caring for other animals. Owners who love their pet very much are willing to pay a lot for taking good care of it.


If you do not fear the Internet, you should read a little about making money as a blogger. If you like writing and you have knowledge about interesting and unusual topics, you can earn a lot through blogging. The key to making big money on the blog is: writing on a niche topic in which there is no significant competition, and knowledge of SEO, as well as knowledge on how to monetize your blog.


As with blogging, vlogging can be very profitable if you choose the right niche. The ability to properly mount movies is important here.

Dog / cat / other anima breeding

If you like animals, you can think about breeding some purebred and expensive species. Working with animals is one of the most pleasant and low stress jobs to after retirement.

Shelf stocker

Every store needs employees to fill their shelves. This job is very simple and stress free, it may require bending and lifting things average weight things.

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Work at resort

In every resort there are many jobs. These are usually very pleasant places where you can feel like you are on vacation.

Parking attendant

Simple outdoor work.

Retail worker

Many stores are very quiet places where work is pleasant and stress free.


If you know a foreign language well, it can be a great offer for you. As a translator you can translate texts, usually even without leaving your home. This is one of the most low stress jobs you can do after retirement.

Travel agent

Quiet work in which you’ll work with people who are going on vacation and traveling.

Tour guide

If you can show tours and you like to tell interesting stories, it can be a great job for you.

Office clerk

Provide basic office support for employers answering phone calls, typing or filing documents, or performing other simple tasks.

Swimming pool employee

There are many different works to do at the pool. Most of them are peaceful low stress and pleasant jobs perfect to do in spare time after retirement. Many people feel relaxed at the pool, so maybe it can be something for you?

House sitting

The simplest and most relaxing low-stress job you can do after retirement. All you need to do is sit and watch TV in someone’s home. You can also read books there, write a blog, or do whatever you want.

Pizza delivery driver

If you like driving a car, you may like pizza delivery job. You will not have much stress here and you will be able to count on tips.

Audio or video Transcriber

On the internet you can find a whole lot of job offers for audio or video transcribers. It involves transcribing words from an audio recording or a movie. It’s a very simple and peaceful job. It can also be very interesting, because recordings can present interesting stories and speeches.


The whole mass of your neighbors needs help at home. As a housekeeper, you can earn nice money by working in a calm home without stress.

Forklift operator

Work on a forklift is very calm and does not require any physical effort. Forklift operator will be needed in every warehouse and in every hypermarket.

Hairdresser / Barber

Working as a hairdresser or barber is a calm job where you can talk to your clients. All you have to do is know how to cut hair and beard and you have a bit of aesthetic sensitivity.


Many guys know very well about technical matters and repairing perishable things at home. It’s a very interesting and low stress job, perfect for guys after retirement to do in their spare time. As a handyman your clients will recommend you to their friends and neighbours because a lot of people need a good handyman. If you’re successful, you’ll have a lot of customers quickly.

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If you are looking for more inspiration and ideas for a job or for your own business, this article can be useful


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One of the synonyms of youth and healthy life is learning. A man who ceases to develop and learn in some way ceases to live. Do not let this happen and keep learning and educating yourself after you retire.

You can learn a whole lot of useful skills, even if you are 50 or 80 years old.
There is a whole bunch of free and paid courses on the internet, tutorials, guides, books and tips. Thanks to this you can get high quality new skills that will allow you to earn and enjoy life.


The best skills you can learn and examples of how you can earn thanks to them while on retirement:


You can start to learn programming from YouTube courses, or using websites or applications that allow you to learn programming. One example of a site that can be learned for free is

Learning new language

Learning languages has a rejuvenating effect on the brain and can give us many new opportunities to earn money in low stress jobs after retirement. You can learn languages online from YouTube courses, with the help of a smartphone application, as well as meeting native speakers

Graphis design

If you have manual skills and can draw or paint nicely, learn graphic design. Graphic designer is one of the best paid jobs and a very popular choice for freelancers. On the internet itself you can find a lot of jobs and orders for graphic designers. Examples of popular orders for graphic designers are creating a logo for the company, preparing an infographics, or creating a sign for a company.


Buy for less, sell for more. Buy and sell things from,, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace Etsy and many other websites. It is worth to try flipping even if you have not dealt with trade so far.

Craft manufacturing

Craft manufacturing is a very good choice for a low stress job after retirement. If you can produce something that others might want to buy, it’s worth trying. Be sure to put your products for sale online, preferably in several places at once. For example create carpentry, or any DIY. Then sell it on internet. You can put up to 50 offers a month on Ebay, you can also sell as many as you want for free on Facebook Marketplace. Amazon is also great place to sell your crafts.


Many people need to hire photographer during events. As a photographer you can also sell your pictures (for example on the Internet).  You can learn a lot about photography and master it for free online.



There is a whole bunch of other valuable skills that are worth learning, which will allow you to earn on your own with low stress. Some of these skills are also:

3D printing, Web development (like programming but focused on internet), mobile app development, fashion design, tailoring, farming, photo editing (e.g. Photoshop), managing personal finances, culinary skills, investing skills and many more.

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