In this article we prepared list of 25 innovative software ideas for Africa which fit perfectly to the specifics of Africa. Mobile apps have already changed the world and life in Africa significantly but there are still many new ideas for programs and mobile apps that are missing or is still not well known in Africa.

The ideas for programs presented below, or ideas similar to them, should arouse great interest and properly advertised should become popular and earn good money. 


1. Pokemon Go like app devoted to Africa and it’s culture – augmented reality apps like Pokemon Go have become very popular lately and the whole world has heard about them. What’s amazing about these games is that the game takes place in specific geographical locations, and you have to leave the house and go to specific geographical coordinates to complete the tasks and win. Games of this type in Africa, set in the plot of its character and unique atmosphere would be something that would certainly find millions of fans.

2. Open source app with educational materials and books for students in Africa – young African people want to develop and explore the world, but sometimes they don’t have the opportunity to do so. An application that allows Africans to access books, texts, films and other educational materials for free would be a great way to improve the level of education of young generations.

3. AirBnB liek app for Items and Objects – many people in Africa like to borrow items from friends and family. Renting a scooter, game console, glasses, mower or food mixer is something that many Africans would love to do. An application that will facilitate and allow you to do it safely would be a hit for Africa

4. Tinder for things we want to sell or exchange – selling items and shopping can be fun and cool. Imagine browsing items that people next to you want to sell or dispose of. Swipe left if you don’t want to buy, swipe right if you’re interested in buying!

5. Educational courses app– a lot of young and uneducated people lives in Africa. Educational apps are certainly one of the best software ideas for Africa. Some of their examples can be: software for learning african languages, african history, or methods of agriculture in Africa and many other courses.

6. Soil and ground quality testing application for farmers – different plants grow best under different conditions. Also, different animals are best kept in different areas and geographical zones. In Africa, without a doubt, a smartphone application could be useful, which will use the camera built into the phone and created database to examine the area and show the best crops and breeding suggestions for the area and the land one wants to check. The camera on any smartphone can analyze the soil in terms of appearance to determine its some basic features important for agriculture. The camera is also able to determine the intensity of the sun, the level of cloudiness which are also key in agriculture. Such an application can also check the geographical location of the user to know what the temperature amplitude is and what soils occur in the region. Good adaptation of crops to land and climate will certainly significantly increase yields and profits.

7. Exchanging items for items app –  if you have two of the same books and your neighbor has two the same board games, then you may want to exchange a book for the board game. An application that would facilitate such exchanges would be very useful in Africa. From the exchange of eggs laid by hens for milk from cows, to the exchange of a large ground in the countryside, for a small house in the city center. App like this could be one of the most popular and needed software ideas for Africa, and Africans would love using something like this.

8. Find nanny app – Africa is the youngest continent in the world in which children are a very large percent of the entire society. As you know, children sometimes need a babysitter or a person to look after them. Therefore, an application that gathers people who take care of children and allows parents to share opinions about the level of care they provide could be useful. It would also help many people to find part time work as a nanny.

9. Mobile apps for shopping malls and chains of stores– there are many shops and shopping centers in Africa. Many of them do not have their own navigation and info applications yet. People like to browse shopping center maps to see where the stores are. Such applications are needed both on the websites of stores and on shopping centers, and are also very useful if you can view the map of the shopping center that is on the monitor in the shopping center.

10. Criminal alert app – unfortunately, crime is a big African problem. To increase people’s security, create an application that shows reports of violent incidents, terrorist incidents, or assaults and thefts. When someone witnesses such an incident, he or she will immediately mark it in the application, so that all other people can immediately see on the map that something is wrong at a specific place.

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11. Guide for migrants, refugees and people who travel – Africa is a continent of migration. Millions of people move around every year looking for a job, escaping from poverty and danger, or trying to settle in a new and safe place. This idea is to create a mobile application that will show these people the best and proven tips on how to behave in a new country, what to watch out for, how to talk to local people, how to show respect or how to call the police or find a hospital or a hotel. Such an application would certainly be very useful and can be developed very deeply.

12. Finding business partners app – There are a lot of young and entrepreneurial people in Africa who want to start their own business or already have one. As you know, one of the key elements in business is to have contacts and know other businessmen with whom you can cooperate and work. Helping businessmen is good niche for software ideas for Africa and if only such an application would be effective and would work well, it should find many users who will use it.

13. Fiverr like app with gigs for Africa – A lot of people in Africa would even like to work, but for many it’s not so easy to find a good job. A good way to make finding jobs for Africans easier would be an application in which one user (client) outsources a task (gig) or work, and another user (contractor) does the work. Because in Africa many people do not have bank accounts, it is good for such an application to offer the opportunity to earn cash. For this reason, it is good that such an application should have a more local work character (e.g. work in one’s city or near one’s home).

14. Food donation mobile app – In many places around the world food is wasted, while in other places people are starving and children have nothing to eat. Apps that help to share food that no one wants, but which is still suitable to eat it can change the lives of many people and give them a chance to survive. For example, a lot of food is wasted in bakeries. All bread that does not sell one day is usually thrown away as “stale” to bake fresh and new bread the next day. Such stale one-day bread can be distributed to the poor. Also, ordinary people sometimes have too much food that they cannot eat themselves. For example, someone has a birthday party and too much food is left behind that nobody wants to eat. This app could be similar to app like TooGoodToGo.

15. App to invite tourists to live in african house with african family – there are already many applications that allow you to travel and live with someone, but there is not yet one that will encourage and enable comfortable and pleasant and also safe accommodation with African families in their home, so that you can learn the habits and see how to live in their home in their country.

16. Eco app that shows people how to take care of Earth and give them points for performing eco tasks – An application that awards points for cleaning up beach rubbish as well as for planting trees would be phenomenal for the planet, and would encourage competition for the good of the Earth and all humanity. Imagine the children at school competing for which will be the first in their city who have done the most for ecology. People who would win rankings could receive monthly rewards for money that the application would earn on its popularity.

17. Hair coloring, and hair modeling assistance app – African women love to take care of their hair and change their look. Create an application especially for their needs that will let them to visualize themselves in other hairstyles. Such an application should offer all the most popular and prettiest African and Arab styles, it is also worth thinking about your favorite hair styles for men.

18.  App with face filters face masks and face look changing tools – Features on Snapchat such as face swap have won the hearts of millions of people. Also applications showing how we will look at old age have become very popular. People like to experiment with the appearance of their faces using the application on phones. Such applications will certainly find many fans in Africa if they will offer new features and tools different from ones on Snapchat or in other apps.

19. Mobile app for finding members of the same tribe or the same nation – In Africa, many people who migrate or live in areas inhabited by many different nations and tribes sometimes need contact with someone like them, someone similar to themselves who comes from the same tribe, country or city. Such an application that would allow you to look for friends, partners or employees who are like us could be useful to many people.

20. Social app for people learning English, Swahili, French or Arabic – many people like to learn foreign languages, they are also a necessary and very useful element of education. An application that allows African residents to find colleagues who will teach them a foreign language is a great idea. Many young African people would like to be fluent in English, French, Swahili or other languages.

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21. App with life pro tips collected especially for Africans – Africa has many very specific problems that are often difficult to solve and difficult to cope with even if they happen often. Tips like how to install your own power generator, or how to effectively plug a hole in the roof to protect against rain, or how to protect the house from insects or what to do in your free time could really be useful to many people. Such a rich compendium of the most important knowledge and the most important tips tailored to the most common problems of Africans could not only improve the lives of millions of people, but also become popular and earn big money thanks to popularity.

22. Original items detector – One of the problems of Africa is the huge amount of fakes items. Often, Africans pay a lot of money for things that are really cheap fakes. An application that would distinguish counterfeit items (especially clothes, footwear and accessories) and recognize originals would be useful for millions of Africans.

23. Toy exchanging app for kids – Children love new toys. Unfortunately, they often quickly stop enjoying those who they have received and want new ones. For this reason, an application that helps parents to exchange their children’s toys for other toys might be a good idea.

24. Calling for help app – Africa is a wonderful and beautiful place, but unfortunately one of it’s biggest problems is crime. In these situations, people often can not count on the police who arrives in many countries too late to help. Therefore, it can be useful especially in Africa, an application that in case of danger notifies a group of the person’s closest and most trusted people. Such an application can be especially good for women and girls who need to go to school or work themselves, as well as for other people who prefer to be in touch with their family and friends and be able to rely on them. It is necessary for such an application to use geolocation.

25. App with best ideas for investing your money based on your skills and location – Africa is full of enterprising people who are wondering how to invest. This idea is an intelligent application that advises on a regular basis how and what could be invested depending on the time, place where someone is located and how much free capital they have and what their predispositions and interests are.

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Other good software ideas for Africa might be apps related to:

  • home security
  • tutor searching
  • health and tropical diseases
  • dangerous animals and protection against them
  • private and public transport
  • exploring and use of natural resources
  • ecology
  • education
  • taking care of and security of children
  • local food delivery

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If you want to know more about earning with mobile apps and want to know more how to earn with software ideas for Africa check How to earn with mobile apps.

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