In this article, we showcase the top business ideas for establishing ventures near schools. Schools are bustling hubs where students’ diverse needs create numerous opportunities for purchases before, during, and after school hours. Many of these needs can be conveniently addressed by nearby shops and businesses, making location and proximity to the consumer base critical elements for entrepreneurial success.

To clarify, our focus is on identifying businesses that align perfectly with this equation:

Students (with diverse needs) + Appropriate businesses (capable of fulfilling most student needs) = Happy, satisfied students willing to spend + Profitable and thriving business

When considering a business venture near a school, it’s important to remember that each school has its unique characteristics. The socioeconomic background of the students, along with their interests and needs, can vary significantly from one school to another. For instance, setting up a high-end retail store or a premium coffee shop may not be lucrative next to schools where the majority of students come from less affluent families. Conversely, if the student population predominantly comes from wealthy families, offering upscale products that cater to their financial capability could prove to be a successful strategy.


A list of the best ideas for business ideas near school in brief:

1. Shop with snacks

2. Bakery with sandwiches, pieces of pizza and beverages

3. Teenager-friendly restaurant

4. Franchise of an international food brand

5. Store with electronic gadgets

6. Stationery

7. Video games store

8. Cell phone repair with phone accessories

9. Skate shop

10. A trinket shop with cool things (like from Aliexpress and Amazon)

11. Cafe 

12. Juice bar

13. Milkshake bar

14. Lounge with blended drinks

15. Food truck

16. Ice cream shop

17. Kids store

18. Bookstore with textbooks for students

19. A store with “cool” youth clothes

20. Store with the latest trendy items for teen which are popular  on the Internet

21. Sport shop

22. Store with shoes for students 

23. Grocery store

24. Language school for children

25. Tutoring center

26. Music school

27. Sport center for kids

28. Child craft school

29. Programming school

30. Shop with e-scooters, bikes and skateboards


A good way to attract more students to your business is to offer them free WiFi. They usually like to sit together using the internet.

Shop with snacks – A store with what children like to eat the most. Chips, fries, sweets, chocolates, ice cream, various types of sweets, chewing gums and sweet drinks. There will always be a demand for goods from this type of store, because children usually love to eat snacks.

Bakery with sandwiches, pieces of pizza, salads, cakes and coffee and fresh juice

Teenager-friendly restaurant 

Franchise of a international food brand (like Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell etc.)

Cafe – is a good idea for a business next to high school, especially if it is a high school attended by rich children who like to spend money on cool things.

Juice bar – (or cart) where you sell fresh squeezed juices and smoothies.

Milkshake bar – If milkshakes are really tasty, such young businesses will quickly have many young customers. Certainly, it pays to provide a diverse range of milkshakes (chocolate, caramel, fruit, oreo, with cookies, mint-chocolate, etc.). Thanks to this, you will attract more children, because everyone will find something for themselves.

Lounge with blended drinks – it is worth providing a nice friendly atmosphere in such a place as well as a lot of delicacies that can be ordered along with the juice

Food truck with children’s favorite delicacies – burgers, fries, sandwiches, etc.

Ice cream shop – a universal business that will find a lot of interest among both young children and teenagers from high school and even adults


Store with electronic gadgets – phone cables, headphones, powerbanks, phone cases, and other similar items

Store with various used and new video games – Selling sweets and snacks in such a store next to games can be a good way to attract more customers.

Stationery – actually it is not very interesting, but students and teachers very often need it. If there are also offices or companies around the school that will need stationery, then this business can be very profitable.

Cell phone repair with phone accessories – Children often break smartphones so someone needs to fix them.

A trinket shop with cool things from Aliexpress and Amazon (similar to Flying Tiger Copenhagen)

Kids store -a typical toy store such as toy cars, dolls and collector cards for children. 

Bookstore with textbooks for students – Such a bookstore can also offer various educational books and stationery

Grocery store – parents who pick up children from school usually like to do the shopping they need by the way. A grocery store with the most-needed goods can therefore be a very profitable business next to the school.


Many parents, especially those in middle and high class, care about their children’s development. They often look for additional activities to positively influence their children, and to offer them a valuable way of spending free time.

A good idea to meet this need may be to set up an additional mini school right next to the school. In such a mini school you can offer children a lot of extra activities. Such a mini school can also focus on only one area of activity, for example, sport or tutoring.

  • Language school for children
  • Tutoring center
  • Music school
  • Sport center for kids
  • Child craft school (pottery, sewing, carving, painting etc.)
  • Programming school (programming skills are one of the most valuable and future-proof skills today!)

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Skate shop – Skater clothes, skateboard accessories, etc.

A store with “cool” youth clothes – Cool hats, fashionable t-shirts, sunglasses in a cool design, unique sweatshirts and pants.

Store with the latest trendy items for teen which are popular  on the Internet – Today many teen fashions and trends have their origin on the internet. The best example of such an item were fidget spinners. Their popularity began on the internet, and then all the children wanted to have them. If you can observe teen trends on the Internet, such a business can be very profitable.

Sport shop – If students at school like sport then this might be a good idea. Football accessories, sports shirts, shoes etc. should sell well there

Store with shoes for students – Parents often buy children’s shoes because children’s feet grow quickly, that’s why a shoe store next to the school can be very profitable. Usually, students also need special shoes for a change to school, so certainly many of them will buy such shoes in the store closest to school.

Shop with e-scooters, bikes and skateboards – Children like to spend time actively. Depending on the age and what is popular at the school, children very often want to have a nice bike, skateboard, fishboard, scooter, and recently e-scooters have also become very popular. There are also segways and other technological innovations. If the store with such goods will be close to school, you can be sure that many children will visit it, and then at home ask parents to buy them some of their dreamed-up presents from your store.

If you need more business ideas next to school, be sure to look for inspiration here, where you’ll find over 160 business ideas

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