In today’s fast-paced world, having the right housekeeping products can make all the difference in maintaining a clean, organized, and comfortable living environment. Whether you’re a homeowner aiming to keep your space spick-and-span or an entrepreneur venturing into the housekeeping business, knowing the top-selling housekeeping products is crucial. This comprehensive list of 100 top-selling housekeeping products is curated to help you discover the essentials that have won the trust of consumers worldwide. From innovative cleaning solutions to time-saving tools, these items have proven their worth in enhancing household maintenance and efficiency.

Understanding the importance of quality and reliability, each product on this list has been selected based on its popularity, customer reviews, and sales performance. For individuals looking to equip their homes with the best in the market or those interested in identifying trending products for business opportunities, this article serves as an invaluable resource. Dive into our meticulously compiled list to find everything you need for a pristine home or a successful housekeeping venture, ensuring you stay ahead in the game of cleanliness and organization.

Top Selling Housekeeping Products List



1. Multi-Surface Cleaner – Effective on various surfaces, making it a must-have for general cleaning.

2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – Reusable and efficient for dusting and cleaning without scratching.

3. Disinfectant Spray – Essential for eliminating germs and bacteria on surfaces.

4. Glass Cleaner – Leaves windows and mirrors streak-free.

5. Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Formulated to clean and disinfect the toilet bowl effectively.

6. Floor Cleaner – Suitable for hardwood, tile, or laminate, depending on the specific product.

7. Wood Polish – Nourishes and protects wooden furniture and floors.

8. Bleach – A powerful cleaner for whitening and disinfecting.

9. Dish Soap – Cuts through grease and food residue on dishes.

10. Laundry Detergent – Essential for clean and fresh-smelling clothes.

11. Fabric Softener – Makes clothes soft and reduces static cling.

12. Stain Remover – Targets and removes tough stains from fabrics.

13. Hand Soap – A basic necessity for maintaining hand hygiene.

14. Air Freshener – Helps keep homes smelling fresh and clean.

15. Vacuum Cleaner Bags/Filters – Necessary for maintaining the efficiency of vacuum cleaners.

16. Scrub Brushes – For tough stains and dirt on surfaces.

17. Sponges – Versatile cleaning tools for dishes and surfaces.

18. Mop and Bucket – Essential for cleaning floors.

19. Duster – Picks up dust from surfaces, preventing buildup.

20. Garbage Bags – Necessary for waste management and disposal.

21. Baking Soda – A natural cleaner and deodorizer for various uses.

22. Vinegar – Used in DIY cleaning solutions for its disinfectant properties.

23. Rubber Gloves – Protects hands from chemicals and dirt during cleaning.

24. Paper Towels – Convenient for quick cleanups and spills.

25. Toilet Brush and Holder – Essential for maintaining a clean toilet.

26. Swiffer Sweeper – For quick and easy floor cleaning.

27. Goo Gone – Removes sticky, gummy, and greasy messes.

28. Drain Cleaner – Clears blocked pipes and drains.

29. Oven Cleaner – Cuts through baked-on food and grease.

30. Carpet Cleaner – check also carpet cleaner machine available on Amazon

31. Lint Roller – Essential for removing pet hair and lint from clothing and furniture.

32. Shoe Polish – Keeps shoes looking new and prolongs their life.

33. Window Squeegee – For streak-free window cleaning.

34. Furniture Polish – Restores shine to wooden furniture.

35. Steam Cleaner – Deep cleans floors and other surfaces without chemicals.

36. Grout Cleaner – Brightens and cleans tile grout.

37. Dishwasher Detergent – Cleans and sanitizes dishes in the dishwasher.

38. Antibacterial Wipes – Convenient for quick surface sanitization.

39. Trash Can Deodorizer – Keeps trash cans smelling fresh.

40. Dustpan and Brush – Handy for sweeping up crumbs and minor messes.

41. Essential Oils – Used in diffusers for a natural home fragrance.

42. Mold and Mildew Remover – Targets mold and mildew in damp areas.

43. Pet Odor Eliminator – Neutralizes pet odors in the home.

44. Ironing Water – Leaves clothes smelling fresh and makes ironing easier.

45. Leather Conditioner – Maintains and protects leather goods.

46. Descaling Solution – For coffee machines and kettles to remove limescale.

47. Cabinet Cleaner – Cleans and rejuvenates kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

48. Stainless Steel Cleaner – Removes fingerprints and smudges from stainless steel appliances.

49. Floor Wax – Protects and shines floor surfaces.

50. UV Sanitizer – Uses UV light to sanitize gadgets, tools, and surfaces.

51. Magic Eraser – Removes scuffs and marks from walls and surfaces without harsh chemicals.

52. Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Automates the vacuuming process, saving time and effort.

53. Moth Balls – Protects clothing from moths and other pests in storage.

54. Natural Cleaning Solutions – Eco-friendly alternatives for those preferring green cleaning options.

55. Silver Polish – Cleans and restores the shine to silverware and jewelry.

56. Lint Remover for Washing Machines – Keeps clothes lint-free and protects the washing machine.

57. Shower Squeegee – Prevents water marks and mold growth by removing excess water from shower doors.

58. Upholstery Cleaner – Lifts stains and refreshes fabric on furniture.

59. Telescopic Window Cleaner – Enables easy cleaning of high and hard-to-reach windows.

60. Plunger – Clears clogged toilets and drains effectively.

61. Odor Absorbers – Neutralizes unpleasant smells in rooms, closets, and refrigerators.

62. Storage Boxes – Helps in organizing and decluttering spaces.

63. Drawer Organizers – Keeps items neatly arranged and accessible.

64. Wall Hooks – For hanging coats, towels, and various items without needing to drill holes.

65. Shelf Liner – Protects and keeps shelves and drawers clean.

66. Laundry Bags – Safeguards delicate items during washing.

67. Ironing Board Cover – Enhances the ironing experience with a smooth, heat-reflective surface.

68. Color Catcher Sheets for Laundry – Prevents color transfer between clothes during washing.

69. Laundry Sanitizer – Eliminates bacteria that can survive the washing cycle.

70. Washing Machine Cleaner – Cleans and maintains the efficiency of the washing machine.

71. Dryer Sheets – Reduces static cling and adds a fresh scent to clothes.

72. Grill Cleaner – Removes grease and burnt food from barbecue grills.

73. Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bags – Minimizes plastic use for shopping and storage.

74. Cordless Handheld Vacuum – Convenient for quick cleanups and difficult-to-reach areas.

75. Fridge Deodorizer – Keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh.

76. Chalkboard Labels – For labeling jars, containers, and pantry items in a stylish way.

77. Gardening Gloves – Protects hands during outdoor and gardening chores.

78. Water Bottle Cleaning Brushes – Cleans the inside of bottles and narrow containers.

79. Rust Remover – Restores items affected by rust like this one available on Amazon.

80. Mattress Protector – Shields the mattress from spills, dust mites, and allergens.

81. Furniture Sliders – Facilitates moving heavy furniture without scratching floors.

82. Pressure Washer – For deep cleaning outdoor surfaces, like driveways and siding.

83. Fireplace Cleaner – Removes soot and buildup from fireplace glass and interiors.

84. Digital Cleaning Gel – Cleans keyboards, car vents, and other intricate surfaces.

85. Pet Hair Remover Brush – For furniture and clothing, essential for pet owners.

86. Silicone Oven Liners – Prevents spills and crumbs from baking onto the oven floor.

87. Jewelry Cleaning Kit – Keeps jewelry sparkling clean.

88. Battery Organizer with Tester – Keeps batteries organized and checks their charge.

89. Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags – Reduces the volume of clothes and bedding for storage.

90. Shoe Rack – Organizes shoes and saves floor space.

91. Clothes Steamer – Removes wrinkles from clothes without an ironing board.

92. Command Strips – Hangs pictures and decor without damaging walls.

93. Book Stand – For organizing cookbooks and reading materials in the kitchen.

94. Water Softener – Protects appliances and plumbing by removing minerals from hard water.

95. Motion Sensor Lights – Illuminates closets, hallways, and spaces without needing a switch.

96. Cabinet and Door Bumper Pads – Prevents slamming noises and protects surfaces.

97. Safety Outlet Covers – Essential for households with small children, to prevent electrical accidents.

98. Anti-Slip Mats – Keeps rugs in place and prevents slipping.

99. Energy-Saving LED Light Bulbs – Reduces energy consumption and lasts longer than traditional bulbs.

100. Crockery and Glassware Organizer – Protects and organizes dishes and glasses in cabinets.


Note: This list has been meticulously compiled through a detailed analysis of publicly available data on top-selling housekeeping products from over 20 of the largest specialty stores across North America and Europe. Best-selling housekeeping products may vary, depending on location and customer preferences.

Tech Tools for House Cleaning


In the ever-evolving landscape of household management, the advent of technology has ushered in an era where cleanliness and convenience converge. Gone are the days when house cleaning was synonymous with buckets, brushes, and a significant expenditure of physical effort. Today, tech tools are revolutionizing how we maintain our living spaces, making the process not only more efficient but also surprisingly intelligent.

At the forefront of this revolution are robotic vacuum cleaners, devices that have become almost ubiquitous in modern homes. These smart machines navigate through rooms with remarkable autonomy, sucking up dirt and debris and even navigating back to their charging stations. Their advanced sensors allow them to avoid obstacles, manage changes in floor surfaces, and even tackle pet hair with specialized models. The convenience of setting a cleaning schedule means that floors can be maintained clean with minimal human intervention.

Here you can see a popular robotic vacuum cleaner model on Amazon.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at vacuuming. Robotic mops have entered the market, offering similar autonomous cleaning solutions for hard floors. They spritz water, mop up stains, and dry floors, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution that once again frees up time for homeowners.

Explore a popular robotic mop model on Amazon.

Window cleaning robots are another marvel. Adhering to glass surfaces with suction technology, these devices methodically move across windows, removing dirt and leaving behind a streak-free shine. Such a tool not only simplifies a traditionally labor-intensive task but also makes it safer by eliminating the need for ladders and extensive reaching.

Check a popular window cleaning robot model on Amazon.

Beyond robotics, ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers have gained popularity, especially in a world more conscious of germs than ever. These devices use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses on various surfaces, from kitchen counters to smartphones, adding an extra layer of hygiene to the cleaning routine without the use of chemicals.

Here you can see a popular ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers model on Amazon.

The integration of smart home technology has also played a pivotal role in the cleaning tech landscape. Smart appliances, controlled via smartphones or voice commands, can now be programmed to clean at specific times or activated remotely, ensuring that cleaning happens exactly when it’s needed. This connectivity extends to monitoring the status of tasks, receiving alerts when areas need attention, or even when supplies are low.

Furthermore, apps dedicated to household management are helping families delegate tasks, track cleaning schedules, and even offer tips and tricks to tackle stubborn cleaning challenges. These digital tools bring organization and accountability to house cleaning, making it a shared responsibility that’s easier to manage.

In embracing these technological advancements, homeowners are not just investing in gadgets; they’re investing in a lifestyle. A lifestyle where cleanliness doesn’t equate to time lost, but rather, to time gained. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come from the brooms and mops of yesteryears, stepping into a future where clean homes are just a button press away. This shift not only reflects our changing relationship with housework but also our adaptation to a world where efficiency and smart living are paramount.

What are the Key Supplies House Cleaners Need?


In the realm of house cleaning, the arsenal of tools and supplies a cleaner wields not only defines the efficiency of their work but also the level of cleanliness and satisfaction achieved. At its core, this selection is not about extravagance but about the strategic, thoughtful compilation of essentials that cater to various cleaning demands. The cornerstone of any house cleaner’s kit is a set of high-quality, versatile cleaning agents. These include a dependable all-purpose cleaner capable of tackling a wide range of surfaces, a glass cleaner for streak-free clarity, and specialized solutions for more stubborn challenges like mold, mildew, and grease. The choice between conventional chemical cleaners and eco-friendly alternatives depends largely on personal preference and the specific needs of the household.

Equally important are the tools that apply these solutions. Microfiber cloths stand out for their ability to trap dust, allergens, and particles without leaving scratches or residues, making them indispensable for surfaces ranging from delicate wood to glass. For tougher spots, scrub brushes and scouring pads provide the necessary abrasion, ideally in a variety that respects the integrity of different materials. Gloves protect the cleaner’s hands from both the drying and sometimes harsh effects of cleaning agents and the grime they aim to eradicate.

Mechanical tools also play a pivotal role. A reliable vacuum cleaner, adaptable to various floor types and equipped with attachments for upholstery and tight corners, is crucial. Mops, too, vary in their utility, with flat mops for hardwood and laminate surfaces and string or sponge mops for tiles and vinyl, each paired with a suitable bucket system for efficient wringing and water management.

Innovations and niche tools further refine the cleaning process. Magic erasers, for example, work wonders on scuffs and marks with minimal effort, while squeegees maintain shower doors and windows in spotless condition. The inclusion of a portable steam cleaner can elevate the cleaning regimen, offering a chemical-free way to sanitize and refresh everything from bathroom tiles to kitchen appliances.

Yet, beyond the tangible, the most crucial asset in a cleaner’s inventory is knowledge. Understanding the nuances of different materials, the chemistry of cleaning agents, and the mechanics of appliances enables a house cleaner to make informed choices, adapt methods, and ultimately, achieve a home that is not only visually clean but hygienically so.

This synthesis of tools, cleaners, and know-how forms the bedrock upon which professional and home cleaners alike build their craft. It’s a testament to the idea that effective cleaning isn’t merely about the act itself but about the thoughtful integration of tools, agents, and techniques. As such, the essential and useful supplies that house cleaners need are those that offer the versatility, effectiveness, and efficiency to meet the diverse demands of the modern home, ensuring that they can not only clean but care for the spaces in which we live.

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