In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 100 selling pharmacy items that are in the highest demand and the most profitable to sell in pharmacies in the US. This list was created based on our in-depth market analysis, which included analyzing more than 50 different pharmacies from different states in the US and their best selling products.

As you read this article, keep in mind that grocery stores in every country, state and city have slightly different characteristics and different most popular products. Different products will sell better in a pharmacy next to a hospital, others in a pharmacy next to a large school and still others in a pharmacy located in a popular tourist destination. Analyzing your profile of your customers and matching their needs is essential.



1. Pain relievers & fever reducers (like ibuprofen & aspirin)

2. Vitamin D3

3. Vitamin C

4. Severe cold and cough hot liquid powders (like theraflu)

5. Mineral supplements

6. Multivitamins

7. Heartburn medications

8. Antiperspirants & excessive sweating sprays, powders and roll ons

9. Toothpastes

10. Fish oil & omega 3

11. Laxatives

12. Probiotics

13. Children’s cough, cold & flu relievers

14. Iron supplements

15. Magnesium

16. Constipation relief (especially tablets, capsules, fibre, and syrups)

17. Zinc supplements 

18. Vitamin K2

19. Sedatives

20. Sleep aids

21. Ear wax removal & ear drying

22. Foot repair cream

23. Activated charcoal

24. Diapers

25. Lip balms

26. Cystitis relief

27. Newborn food (toddler formula powders, milk powders, organic baby food)

28. Digestive supplements & enzymes

29. Contact lenses

30. Pads & tampons

31. Antibacterial gels & hand sanitizer sprays

32. Intimate hygiene cleaning products, creams & gels

33. Contraceptives

34. Suppositories

35. Ear plugs

36. Allergy medications & creams

37. Sore throat medications

38. Adhesive bandages

39. Hydrogen peroxide

40. Wound healing medications

41. Syringes & insulin needles

42. Masks

43. Gloves

44. Face creams

45. Nasal sprays

46. Runny nose medicines

47. Hair care supplements

48. Eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis (creams, gels, ointments)

49. Sun creams and sprays (to protect against the sun)

50. Erectile dysfunction drugs (like viagra)

51. Anti-smoking aids

52. Antiseptics

53. Appetite-enhancing drugs

54. Oral hygiene products

55. Eye drops & lubricants (for dry and tired eyes & redness relieving)

56. Dental floss

57. Bandages for large wounds

58. Pain relief gels & creams

59. Hemorrhoids creams suppositories and ointments

60. Fungal infections relief

61. Hydration multiplier

62. Vaginal moisturisers

63. Covid tests

64. Face wash gels

65. Anti-acne creams & wash (also serums and soap)

66. Diarrhoea relief medicines

67. Herbal supplements

68. Protein powders

69. Pregnancy tests

70. Thermometers (digital & non-contact infrared)

71. Wipes & wet wipes

72. Slimming preparations

73. Libido support supplements

74. First aid kits

75. Mouth ulcer gels

76. Earache & infection relief

77. Cold sore treatment (bandages, balms and creams)

78. Melatonin (pills, gummies)

79. Eye witamins and AREDS 2 supplements

80. Fingertip pulse oximeter

81. Earwax removal kits

82. Cracked skin fill & protect creams

83. Hand creams

84. Body washes

85. Face masks (e.g. hydrating)

86. Inhalers for asthma

87. Incontinence pads & protective underwear

88. Foot fungus creams

89. Toothbrushes & electric toothbrushes

90. B complex (B vitamins)

91. Nappy rash (creams & ointments)

92. Weight loss pills & injectable medicines

93. Hair loss products (shampoos, supplements, serums & conditioners)

94. Arthritis pain relievers

95. Blood pressure monitor

96. Saline (salt water for nose)

97. Adult diapers

98. Antibiotics

99. Cold compresses for pain (and gel compresses)

100. Anti-dandruff shampoo


Other well-selling pharmacy products:

  • pill organizers
  • pill dispensers
  • pill splitters
  • drug detection tests
  • turmeric
  • deworming drugs
  • baby pacifiers
  • bad breathe oral rinse & capsules
  • body fat scales
  • breast pumps
  • ovulation tests
  • compression tights
  • air humidifiers
  • biotin supplements
  • garlic tablets
  • malaria tablets
  • oral irrigators
  • ashwagandha
  • self-tests for vaginal infections
  • quercetin
  • lion’s mane
  • essential oils
  • head lice treatment (e.g. spray)
  • kinesiology tape
  • warming ointments and creams
  • knee compression sleeves
  • wrist & thumb support and stabilizers
  • elbow support braces

Source: The above summary was created as a result of BusinessNES’ in-depth analysis of the pharmaceutical business in the US. We analyzed the best-selling products from more than 50 different pharmacies from different states in the US, as well as publicly available data from the Consumer Healthcare Products Association and the, among others. 




For your pharmacy to be successful, in addition to a wide range of products, it is worth offering customers convenience, friendly service and some marketing extras such as:

  • Online store with medicines and medical accessories can be a great way to increase pharmacy sales
  • Make sure to have clear, big enough and visible banner and make your pharmacy easy to find
  • Set up Google Business Profile and add all the most important information including opening hours, address and images of your pharmacy
  • Launch a customer loyalty program
  • Offer discounts and promotions
  • Specializing in some specific products or services can be a great way to attract customers even from afar
  • Participate in community events
  • Good, comfortable parking lot can be also very good way to invite more clients


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A good way to maximize pharmacy’s profits is to offer popular products that are in high demand. Examples of such recently trending products include:

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And in your opinion what are the top selling pharmacy items? Share your observations with us in the comments section below!

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